$435 of $275 raised

April 2020

Each month NAK Squad holds a drawing to giveaway 3 invitations to join NAK Elite. At the same time, NAK Command invites members of the community, that embody the NAK ideals, to join NAK Elite as well. All members of NAK Elite are expected to: Help other players. The only way to make our community grow and become stronger is to make all players feel welcome and enjoy their experience on NAK servers. Have self-discipline. It is important that NAK Elite and those wanting to become NAK Elite follow the rules of the community. Have Integrity. Becoming NAK Elite is one of the first steps to becoming more involved with the NAK community. It is important that everyone feels that you are honest, fair, and are of good character. This months NAK community members to receive invitations to NAK Elite are: BritReaper, Oxide, GunnyMac, joaol, [APX] Lord, TheRealDJP0N3 If you wish to qualify for NAK Elite, please make sure you have a website account.

For the first week of May we are adding a couple of mods on the Zeus server to give it a little change and keep it interesting for everyone. We are adding 3 RHS mods (RHSAFRF, RHSGREF, RHSUSAF) as well as a map, Isla Abramia (requires CUP Terrains – Core). The mods mentioned above will be required to be able to join the Zeus server for the first week of May ( May/1/2020 – May/7/2020 ) and depending on the usage and the attendance on the server, we will keep the server modded longer or revert back to a vanilla server before the week period ends.

We are facing a unique situation this month, where because of the website redesign the NAK Elite drawing for April just ended on April 17th.  We have already met our donation goal for this month, so as of today we are starting the NAK Elite giveaway from May.  The May NAK Elite giveaway will run through the end of the month. Winners for the April NAK Elite giveaway will be announced early next week (on or around the 20th) and posted on the Home Page posts.  The Winners for the May NAK Elite giveaway will be selected the week of May 4th.

The website has been 'hacked'. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon for WordPress websites. Rest assured the hack did not expose any private information about any user. No financial information is ever stored on our servers, and all other private information (IP addresses, emails, usernames, passwords, etc.) is secure.

Thank you for your patience during the website redesign.  We had been working on the redesign for 4 months, and we were spurred on to complete it, do to the hack last month. Because the website was taken down during the time we normally run the NAK Elite giveaway, we will be stating the giveaway today April 3rd and it will run for 12 days, until April 15th, because we met our donation goal early. Over the next few days, we will be making additional changes to the site, improving the styling and making the site consistent.  If you notice a core feature that is not working as expected, post a reply in the website redesign topic.