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May 2020

Have you ever wondered what goes on during NAK Ops? Well, now you'll be able to spectate & experience the whole event from a unique perspective! Join us this Saturday 30th at 5:00 PM ET for our Twitch live-stream.  Then on Sunday 31st join us on our YouTube channel at 6:00 PM ET for the video premiere, where we'll review the entire event and comment about it on our TeamSpeak server in the NAK Ops Video Premiere channel. Remember to subscribe to both channels and hit the bell button so you get notified. We hope you can make it!

Join us for a YouTube live stream on May 30th at 2:00 pm Eastern time for a session of “Ask an Admin”. We will be live-streaming what it is like to admin NAK Squad servers. Get a look at the backend tools, scripts, and features that we have in place to make our jobs as admins a little easier. Get a sneak peek of the Altis missions in Zeus mode as we spectate players and monitor the action. Join the live stream on YouTube to ask any questions that you may have about administrating the servers or about running one of the top ranks Invade and Annex communities.

For the third straight month, we have met our donation goal early so as a 'reward' we will be starting the NAK Elite giveaway for May early.  The NAK Elite giveaway for May will run from May 7th until May 31st at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.  To enter for a chance to win an invitation to join NAK Elite, submit a NAK Elite giveaway form, before May 31st at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.  You can enter once every 24 hours, to increase your chances of winning. Winners for the May NAK Elite giveaway will be announced the week of June 4th and will be posted on the Home Page. For more information about donating visit our Donation page and for more information about NAK Elite visit Our Units page.

Each month NAK Squad holds a drawing to giveaway 3 invitations to join NAK Elite. At the same time, NAK Command invites members of the community, that embody the NAK ideals, to join NAK Elite as well. All members of NAK Elite are expected to: Help other players. The only way to make our community grow and become stronger is to make all players feel welcome and enjoy their experience on NAK servers. Have self-discipline. It is important that NAK Elite and those wanting to become NAK Elite follow the rules of the community. Have Integrity. Becoming NAK Elite is one of the first steps to becoming more involved with the NAK community. It is important that everyone feels that you are honest, fair, and are of good character. This months NAK community members to receive invitations to NAK Elite are: Captain Spencer, Ghost, IceStorm [AM 1], Baker, Mr.Cricket, NeroVulpes and Spectator [TRC] If you wish to qualify for NAK Elite, please make sure you have a website account.