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November 2020

Join us this Sunday 22nd on our Zeus Server: [NAK]NAKSQUAD.NET | NAK#4 | Zeus. We will conduct a Zeus training for all players that wish to become a white-listed Zeus on our server, as well any Zeus that wants a refresher training. We will cover the basics of how the Zeus works in conjunction with Zeus mods. If you pass the training you will get a nice Zeus TeamSpeak tag and become white-listed. You will require NAK Official Zeus Collection and be on our TeamSpeak server. For more information visit the event on the Zeus Calendar. We hope to see you there!

After much anticipation and analysis, we're excited to announce the winners of the "My NAK Squad" Twitter contest! On behalf NAK Staff, thank you again to all the participants who submitted their work. Before we start with the winners we would like to have some Honorable Mentions "Medevac from Cu Mi, Vietnam 1968 (Colorized)" by Frosbite "Hunting" by NoBrakes and "Push on Town" by Ghost. Without further ado the winners: 1st place goes to Domau for "Waiting for a lift". A very nice recreation of a Vietnam War picture by an unknown photographer, the use of noir filter gives the screenshot a nice touch. 2nd place goes to Ghost for "Crash Landing".This picture was taken live during a Zeus Operation. The perfect combination of light & timing. The blinding effect that the player's flashlight gives to the camera is perfect. Congratulations to all the winners! If you were chosen, you will be notified soon by NAK Staff via Twitter or TeamSpeak to receive your prizes. Once again we would like to thank everyone for your participation in this contest!

If you create a new post you will notice that the forum editor has been updated to include many new features. The new editor will allow you to topersonalize your posts even more, and it is more user friendly. Take a few minutes to explore the changes on your own.

During the NAK Squad 5th Anniversary of ArmA 3, we posted an article discussing what NAK stands for and we asked for suggestions for another meaning of the acronym NAK. We did a poll on the forums with the most popular names. Results are in and we have a winner! Ironically most players don't know what the acronym NAK means originally, well according to the most popular poll result, the new meaning of NAK is "Nobody Actually Knows" a suitable name for a mysterious acronym. The runners up in the poll were Noble Armed Knights and Not Another Knockoff.  Thank you to everyone that participated in the poll and contributed to the future of NAK.

Each month NAK Squad holds a drawing to giveaway 3 invitations to join NAK Elite. At the same time, NAK Command invites members of the community, that embody the NAK ideals, to join NAK Elite as well. All members of NAK Elite are expected to: Help other players. The only way to make our community grow and become stronger is to make all players feel welcome and enjoy their experience on NAK servers. Have self-discipline. It is important that NAK Elite and those wanting to become NAK Elite follow the rules of the community. Have Integrity. Becoming NAK Elite is one of the first steps to becoming more involved with the NAK community. It is important that everyone feels that you are honest, fair, and are of good character. This months NAK community members to receive invitations to NAK Elite are: Monroe, AngelsKing, PATMOSS, NoBrakes, HEAVYMETALFARMR, LoneWolfSpy, BravoBrun, and  Honeybadger

The NAK Squad community would like to take this opportunity to thank and honor military veterans from around the world. Your contribution has made a positive impact on the lives of so many. To show our respect NAK Command has created a TeamSpeak tag that all veterans of military service worldwide can display proudly. To be assigned your Military Service Recognition group in TeamSpeak, just let any admin know that you are a veteran, current or past, and you would like to be part of the Military Service Recognition group. Please keep in mind that NAK Squad takes stolen valor seriously and if it is discovered that you requested the Military Service Recognition group dishonestly you may be banned from all NAK servers permanently.

An AI's description on the map shows the group owner's name - VileAce's [AI]. Added script to delete Bobcat when driven off the carrier. If you use VileHUD for screenshots when in a vehicle the crew list on the left will be hidden when VileHud is enabled. Added ability to lock backpacks.  Open the inventory and click the lock at the top center. Added hints to when leaving the arsenals to remind players to take MAP, GPS, and Radio. Added a new role in the lobby to spectate the server for great streaming.  Select Virtual (instead of blufor) and select the spectator role (For screenshots and more). Added the ability for a pilot to lock the turrets on the Ghost Hawks and armed Huron. Added clearer marker on the map to help see the carrier. Added additional tools for admins. Added framework for additional future changes.

We would like to thank everyone for being with us during this amazing month. This community wouldn’t be the same without your support. Remember to sign up for our monthly newsletter so you can get the summary of the month, and the upcoming events for next month. The "My NAK Squad" Twitter contest entries will be reviewed over the next week and winners will be announced on the website & Twitter no later than November 30th.. Everyone on NAK Command worked hard to make this entire month possible. We thank you again from the bottom of our hearts because to pull this together and see that you the players enjoy it, puts a smile on our faces. Happy 5th Anniversary NAK Squad. Let’s go for another awesome year!