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  • 1. What mods can we use on the servers?
    For the NAK Squad Invade and Annex servers we have a list of specifically allowed and restricted mods as well as a list of generally restricted types of mods. The list can be viewed here. There are over 6500 mods available on Steam Workshop alone with new mods coming out daily, so the list is a little vague. If you have a question about whether a mod is allow, please make sure to ask an Admin. For the Zeus server, there is a list of allowed mods and only those mods are allowed. View the list of whitelisted mods here.
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  • 2. What mods are required?
    The general answer is none. On the Invade and Annex servers there are never any mods required. On the Zeus server we do require a specific set of mods, (NAK Tac/Zeus Basic Collection) and allow a set of optional mods (NAK Tac/Zeus Optional Collection).  These are the only mods allowed on the Zeus server.  There are situations where a special event may be held on a server, if that is the case, information about the mods required and allowed will be posted on the homepage.
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  • 3. Are there any mods that you recommend?
    NAK Squad does recommend CBA_A3 which can be found on the Steam Workshop. CBA_A3 is utilized by a couple scripts on our servers. We always offer an alternate if you do not have CBA_A3, but it does make things like changing your view distance easier.
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  • 4. Why is there so much lag and low FPS on NAK Squad servers and how can I fix it?
     The answer is multifaceted. We will list them in order of importance. 
    A1. No Logs -The most important change to your ARMA settings that you can make when playing on NAK Squad servers is enabling “No Logs”. On the NAK Squad servers we allow players to use potentially thousands of different mods. When Arma encounters an error, a script error or missing texture for example, ARMA writes that error to an RPT file (report log). On NAK Squad servers that allow players to use mods, you are going to get lots of errors. Every time that a player has a mod that you do not there is a chance that ARMA will write an error to the RPT file. This constant writing to the RPT file will slow your computer down. The error you get when you connect to the server and have to click "Close" is an example of this type of error. Even with "No Logs" enabled you will still see that first error. Be aware, this means no errors are saved to RPT file. In case of crash, the fault address block info is saved. Most users never look at the RPT file and if you do need to enable it for debugging it is a simple process to add it back.
    You may not see an actual increase in FPS but the “rubber banding” and flickering will be much better!. When most players complain of low FPS on NAK Squad Servers this is the actual cause of the problem.
    To enable “No Logs”:
    • Open Arma 3 which will start the Arma 3 launcher. In the launcher
    • Select PARAMETERS
    • Then select the ALL PARAMETERS tab
    • Scroll down to the "Advanced" section
    • Place a checkmark on the No Logs: option
    A2. View Distance Is the next biggest improvement you can make. So many players have their view distance up way, way too high. To help understand the correct setting you first need to understand how Arma renders graphics. The "draw distance" is the distance objects are drawn as a diameter running through the player. Meaning your machine is rendering objects and graphics that are behind you and on angles you can’t see, unlike most games.
    On all NAK Squad servers we have a view distance script that will help you optimize the view distance based on your specific situation. Our view distance script breaks down the standard single view distance option into three separate setting; On Foot, In Car and In Air. On NAK Squad servers we ignore the standard view distance in the display settings. To access the NAK Squad view distance settings, press CTRL + \, if you have the CBA_A3 mod or select "View Distance" from the action menu if you do not have the CBA_A3 mod.
    Unless you are doing long range sniping greater than 1000m, then setting your On Foot View to 2000 – 2500 is ideal. You very rarely will need to engage anything farther than that. Now if you are typically a pilot you will want to make sure that your In Air view distance is between 3000 and 5000. You may want to pick the higher end of that distance if you generally fly fixed wing aircraft. Understand that the lower the view distance the better FPS you will get. Your In Car settings should be as low as you can reasonably make then but still drive at speed.
    I do not fly very often, so I set my view distance for In Car and In Air to be the same as my On Foot settings. The settings are easy to change, so if I decide to pilot for a little while I can easily adjust the settings.
    For objects setting I recommend setting sync mode to dynamic, which sets the object view distance to 80% of the total view distance. Objects in Arma are any object with destruction effects, PhysX or interaction abilities like buildings, vehicles or structures.
    Terrain mode does affect FPS, but it has a minor effect. I recommend setting it to the lowest setting that you can live with. Most snipers take advantage of the ability to, in effect remove the grasses, by setting the terrain to "Low".
    A3. Mods Lets face it, Arma would not be Arma without the mods. If you aren’t modding Arma you are missing out on a lot of the fun. But running mods does comes at a cost and not all mods are created equal. It is important to run mods that are optimized as best as they can. Mods that have too high quality will kill frames. Mods that have lots of scripts running in the background will kill frames. Be very selective of the mods you run. Consider the reason that you are loading a mod and if you are even actually using it. A single mod can mean the difference between 35 and 45 fps. But let’s face it, some mods are worth the cost.
    A4. SSD - It makes a vast improvement in the performance of Arma to have the game and your mods installed on a SSD, preferably a single SSD. One of the biggest causes of low frame rate and in particular sudden dips or stuttering frames is the resources required to load the textures. With SSDs being faster than mechanical hard drives you won’t notice an FPS increase so to speak but you will isolate and remove FPS dips and stuttering you see in the game.
    If you don't have a SSD, make sure you regularly DEFRAG your HDD to keep it running as optimally as possible.
    A5. Graphic Settings - Although this is not specific to NAK Squad servers, it makes sense to include it here. Everything under GENERAL in your graphic settings is largely taken care of by your CPU and everything under AA & PP is taken care of by your GPU. One important thing to consider is you must balance both setting sections otherwise everything will be transferred and taken care of by your CPU which could result in less frames on LOW settings than on ULTRA.
    If you have a good GPU with 2gb or above, like a GeForce 710 or a Radeon RX 560 you should have your AA & PP Turned all the way up to maximum or at least high settings. If you have a solid CPU you should have most settings on Very High or Ultra. Also understand Arma is about CPU speed not cores. A faster 4 core CPU will perform better than a 6 core slower CPU, so overclocking your CPU can get very positive results.
    MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner Statistics Server are feel tools available for download that can be used to accurately monitor and display your FPS and more while in game. Another application that some players use is called Fraps, which also shows FPS while in game. Either of these tools can help tweak your settings. Remember to restart Arma anytime you make changes to your graphic settings, even if Arma does not require it.
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  • 5. Which vehicles can be taken to the AO?

    The vehicles that players can not take to the AO or move away from base are; any hemtt tow trucks, any ground vehicles on the carrier (if applicable), and any bobcats at any runway. Most vehicles that need to stay at the bases are marked in yellow on the map.

    The bobcats, cheetahs, ammo hemtt, fuel hemtt, or repair hemtt from infantry HQ or rewards can be taken to the AO.

    Please be aware, if an admin instructs you to do something, such as not to take a vehicle to the AO, follow the admin instructions. If you believe that the admin is wrong, or if you wish for clarification about the ruling, post a message in the forums and it will be answered. If the admin was incorrect it will be discussed with the admin.

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  • 6. Why was I kicked from the server with no warning?
    In most cases it is due to an extremely high ping. Any players with a ping over 600 for 3 pollings, which are 5 - 15 seconds apart, will be kicked from the server. There is a message that is displayed in game, but because you have been kicked you are not able to see it. An extremely high ping rate does affect other players, which is why we kick in this instance.
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  • 7. Why won't the server let me connect with my profile name?
    On our servers we do restrict the use of a few names. The most common are Administrator, Admin and Owner as these may be confused with the real server administrators. We also do not allow any name that might be obscene or offensive. We do offer a document that takes you through the steps to change your profile name if you might need some help. View the step by step document here.
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