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Altis Changelog July 2020

NAK Squad is constantly trying to improve our server in order to provide enjoyable, balanced gameplay for all players.  For the month of July, we have made the following changes to the Altis server.

  • Intro Video volume lowered.
  • Tasks and hint descriptions of mission checked and updated as needed.
  • Adjusted random in-game times on restart slightly -0200,0300,1000,1200,1400,1600,1700.
    • If 0200 or 1700 is selected there will be approximately 2.5 hours of darkness, if 0300 or 1600 is selected there will be approximately 1.5 hours of darkness. If 1000, 1200, or 1400 is selected the server will be all daytime.
  • Additional small spelling corrections.
  • June NAK Elite Added.
  • New Admins added.
  • Verified all Taru pods could be lifted,  made corrections as needed.
  • Tested thermals in various months and days.  Changed date of server from June 2X 2035 (2 days to no moon) to July 26th, 2021 – a full moon date – Night time on Altis.
  • Restricted – Aegis UAV terminal.
  • Added visual indication on the map showing where anti-air HQ vehicles should be limited to.
  • Added map maker for anti-air HQ.
  • Added new sign at Main infantry Spawn, anti-air HQ, and firing range that opens the strategic map – sign is labeled Teleport to strategic locations. (flag poles still open strategic map).
  • Added back the Bobcat that spawns at Vehicle Spawn – No longer has yellow paint or yellow marker on the map.
  • Added yellow map marker to the Bobcat on the carrier.
  • Fixed Dynamic Loadout and Vehicle Skin menu on all applicable rewards vehicles.
  • Fixed Color picker not working on some vehicles.
  • Modified rewards vehicles, removed lower end rewards like Strider and Hunter added or increased probability of the more requested vehicles like BlackWasp, T-140K, and T-100.
  • Updated Rules Billboards to reflect current rules.
  • Fixed spelling errors.