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Anniversary Interview

To celebrate our 5th Anniversary we decided to interview the creator of NAK Squad himself Claws01. This interview will give you an insight into the background of NAK Squad. We would like to introduce you to Claws01.  If you have other questions you would like answered,  feel free to leave a comment.

Name: ???
Nickname: Claws01
Location: Dallas, USA
Occupation: Programmer

What drove you to create NAK Squad?

Everything started after playing the Xeno mission (Domination) from Arma 2. I wanted to create a mission using the same logic but make it more tactical and flawless. In the end one thing lead to another and I ended creating NAK Squad.

What is your main role as the owner of NAK Squad?

I am not the owner; we are all the owners.
My role is to write the mission for Altis, ArmA coding, fix bugs and bother VileAce all the time (My favorite).

What was your first interaction with ArmA?

That will be a long time ago, almost 20 years ago (2001) with Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis or as it is known better today ArmA: Cold War Assault

Why did you decide to use the name NAK? 

It is really funny that you ask that. Personally, I am bad at naming stuff, even if you look inside the mission code you will be laughing, but hey, it gets the job done. I choose NAK because I was not sure what to choose back then. By the time I wanted to change it was already far too integrated inside the ArmA community and players love it.

We actually have an article coming next week that goes into detail about what does NAK stands for.

What is your favorite weapon/loadout to use?

That is a difficult question, I like to vary my loadout and I like to adapt depending on the terrain, location, and Area of Operations I am at, at that moment. But if I have to choose something specific I would go for:
Rifle: Spar-16S 5.56 mm (Khaki) with TWS
Pistol: Zubr. 45 ACP
Uniform: Full Ghillie (Lush)
Vest: Carrier lite (Black)
Backpack: CarryAll (Green Hex)
NVG: ENVG- II black
Binoculars: Laser designator

Did you think/intend for NAK Squad to turn out the way it is today?

No way, it is just impressive how the admins and players have grown this community. I still remember when we started with a few players and now to see that we are one of the biggest ArmA 3 communities out there, it amazes me. I really have to thank everyone, because without y’all NAK would have never reached this point.

Tell us what is your favorite moment in NAK Squad in these 5 years?  

Memories come and go, but every time I hop in the servers and I see everyone having fun, laughing, and being happy, that becomes my favorite moment. It really makes me happy to see everyone enjoys the work we put into the servers. It is difficult to explain, it’s like being in love over and over again.

To end up the interview we have a very important question:

So there has been some speculation about your identity, is it true that you and VileAce are the same person?

If(VileAce == claws) {
Return true;
} else {
Return false;
// run ……..
1 (true) ✔

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