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Anniversary Server Update

To Help celebrate the NAK’s 5 years of Arma 3, we have pushed a server update.  The update includes:

  • New Infantry Base
  • 5th Anniversary Signs at infantry spawn
  • New and modified Supply Drops – All weapon drops are supplied with the correct ammo and combined into a single drop.
    1. Equipment and diving crate comes with general equipment, like a GPS, map, all vanilla suppressors, as well as all the gear and weapons needed to complete a water mission.
    2. First aid includes first aid kits and medkits.
    3. Personalized ammo, looks at all your weapons and delivers all compatible ammo.
    4. Explosives delivers all vanilla explosives and grenades.
    5. Night supplies delivers everything you might need for a night mission including flashlights, NVG, thermals, and more.
  • Switching to approved mods only.
  • Prevent DeathStar weapons from being towed (prevent lift was added in a previous update.)
  • Added White NAK Squad Flag to all Land Vehicles.
  • Initial Rules Page on join updated.
  • Rules Signs Updated
  • Bug Fixes including – Some helicopters not repairing at marked repair locations.
  • Admin Changes