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Assorted Convoy Missions

Convoy Missions I have some I did a while ago one in particular that was a favourite with a server I played and edited on was a convoy NUKE disarm mission random location with X distance from MAIN AO. seek out and disarm NUKE without them getting a chance to set it off… IF you are detected by 1 of the 2 officers they arm the NUKE than you have a timer counter to disarm it. if you fail large area of map is flattened …

if the nuke vehicle is destroyed before its disarmed it set off the nuke.

if you are seen/detected they set the timer…

you have to cut one of 3 coloured wires to disarm you fail if goes off.

I could give code if you need it would take some time to pull it out off my current working Mission.. but I could easily supply a flow chart.. for you.. 

  • Sub-Objective
  • July 1, 2017

    will be good for argo

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