Spec Ops Underwater Weapons Cache

“A shipping vessel was recently sunk leaving the region that was known to be carrying chemical weaponry and is now being patrolled by Opfor Special Ops Divers.  Find the underwater wreckage and clear the area so the situation is contained.”   Just needs a few boat meshes and a container on the bottom with a few enemy diver teams and patrol

Eliminate an enemy armored vehicle site

Tank Ops.  There is a heavy armor encampment somewhere on the map, with multiple tanks surrounding AAA or Arty.  Objective is to destroy the AAA or Arty.  I love playing with tanks and the idea behind this mission would be to give multiple tank operators a chance/incentive for some heavy metal tactics practice

Prevent Terrorist Leader’s Escape

“Intel reports that a well-known terrorist leader has been located.”  Your mission is to eliminate him before he can escape.  His compound is crawling with regular enemies, and there is a wide trigger area around the compound so that when Blufor is spotted by Opfor, the leader begins a small waypoint cycle to reach a getaway vehicle.  He gets in