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NAK Anniversary

After much anticipation and analysis, we're excited to announce the winners of the "My NAK Squad" Twitter contest! On behalf NAK Staff, thank you again to all the participants who submitted their work. Before we start with the winners we would like to have some Honorable Mentions "Medevac from Cu Mi, Vietnam 1968 (Colorized)" by Frosbite "Hunting" by NoBrakes and "Push on Town" by Ghost. Without further ado the winners: 1st place goes to Domau for "Waiting for a lift". A very nice recreation of a Vietnam War picture by an unknown photographer, the use of noir filter gives the screenshot a nice touch. 2nd place goes to Ghost for "Crash Landing".This picture was taken live during a Zeus Operation. The perfect combination of light & timing. The blinding effect that the player's flashlight gives to the camera is perfect. Congratulations to all the winners! If you were chosen, you will be notified soon by NAK Staff via Twitter or TeamSpeak to receive your prizes. Once again we would like to thank everyone for your participation in this contest!

We would like to thank everyone for being with us during this amazing month. This community wouldn’t be the same without your support. Remember to sign up for our monthly newsletter so you can get the summary of the month, and the upcoming events for next month. The "My NAK Squad" Twitter contest entries will be reviewed over the next week and winners will be announced on the website & Twitter no later than November 30th.. Everyone on NAK Command worked hard to make this entire month possible. We thank you again from the bottom of our hearts because to pull this together and see that you the players enjoy it, puts a smile on our faces. Happy 5th Anniversary NAK Squad. Let’s go for another awesome year!

To finish this amazing month, we are going to have a zombies event on the Zeus server on October 31st. It will start at 5 PM EST launching it with the NAK Ops mission and will last 12 hours only!! For this period of time, you will be required to have three (3) mods loaded to be able to join the server. Make sure you go on the Zeus calendar and reserve a time if you wish to Zeus a mission in this event by submitting a new event on it!

Remember to check out our new NAK Newsletter to keep up with things on NAK’s 5th Anniversary & many more! The Newsletter will be sent at the end of every month, articles will include important things that happened in the past month, as well as notable up-coming events of NAK. Also, anyone that subscribes to the Newsletter will receive access to the exclusive mod “Vile's DeathStalker , an improved version of the Nightstalker scope. You can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of all website pages.  More things will come to the Newsletter so subscribe to stay tuned!

What is the origin of the name NAK, and what does it mean today? Through the years, people have been perplexed over a simple, yet unanswered question to many. A question that keeps players awake at night. To celebrate NAK’s 5th Anniversary we decided to finally put to rest one of the biggest mysteries that has spread throughout the NAK community. No… it’s not if Claws & Vile are the same person, we are talking about “What does NAK stand for?” The origin of NAK’s name dates back to 2015 when Claws01 started the community with several other players. According to Claws, the acronym N.A.K. stands for “Nasty Art Killers”. When he came up with the name Claws was trying to describe the difference between a bad shooter and a good shooter. Anyone can play Arma but it takes skill, practice, and finesse to become a good shooter, and that makes being a good shooter an art. So players in the NAK community are Nasty Art Killers, skilled in the art of killing, at least in Arma 3. Across the years the meaning got lost & confused, so much that a lot of people thought NAK stood for “Nasty Ark Killers” because Ark came out in 2015 and was a competitor in the gaming community vying for the same player base. Now that the NAK Community has been around for 5 years, we thought it was time for a change. We decided to ask you the NAK Squad community “What do you think NAK means today?” Go ahead and post in the comments a new meaning for the acronym NAK.

NAK Squad is proud to announce our new Patreon system for donations. For supporting NAK Squad through Patreon you will know that you are supporting the NAK Squad community so that we can continue to provide and promote a gaming environment that is safe for everyone. If you choose to support NAK Squad through Patreon you will receive special bonuses only available to Patreon members.

NAK Command is proud to announce a second server update for NAK's 5th Anniversary of Arma 3. The biggest additional is the ability to recruit AI, to help you complete the mission.  You can use AI to support you while playing as infantry, drive a vehicle while you take a gunner or commander seat, or act as your gunner in a helicopter. Another big change is the ability to request a static mortar drop.  No longer do you have to drive to the AO with your mortar supplies.  Now you can halo to your selected location and request a mortar supply drop which comes with 3 mortar bipods and 20 mortar tubes for rearming.

To celebrate our 5th Anniversary we decided to interview the creator of NAK Squad himself. This interview will give you an insight into the background of NAK Squad. We would like to introduce you to Claws01. - What drove you to create NAK Squad? - What is your main role as the owner of NAK Squad? - What was your first interaction with ArmA? - Why did you decide to use the name NAK? - What is your favorite weapon/loadout to use? - Did you think/intend for NAK Squad to turn out the way it is today? - Tell us what is your favorite moment in NAK Squad in these 5 years? - So there has been some speculation about your identity, is it true that you and VileAce are the same person?

The NAK 5th Anniversary TeamSpeak tag is available today. Please note that the tag will only be available every Saturday and Sunday of the month starting today. Players that are interested in getting the tag have two options to obtain it: 1) Requesting an admin to give you the tag. This may include joining a help room or sending a message to an admin. 2) If there are no admins currently online or available. Players can join our new 'NAK Anniversary' channel in TeamSpeak. After joining the channel, simply type “#Anniversary” and a member of NAK Staff will assign the tag as soon as they are available.