$185 of $275 raised

NAK Donor

NAK Squad is proud to announce our new Patreon system for donations. For supporting NAK Squad through Patreon you will know that you are supporting the NAK Squad community so that we can continue to provide and promote a gaming environment that is safe for everyone. If you choose to support NAK Squad through Patreon you will receive special bonuses only available to Patreon members.

For the month of July 2020, NAK Squad set a record of $800 in donations.  I want to thank everyone that donated in July and all of our NAK Donors. This really does help make sure that the community runs for another month.  Reaching an all-time donation record helps to reassure NAK Command that we are doing something right.  In months that we reach our donation goal, we often save the overage for unexpected expenses and months where we fail to reach our goal, but thanks to our NAK Donors for the last 8 months we have met that donation goal.  It's not that NAK Squad is rolling in extra cash,  but I would like to see comments on what you (the community) would like to see NAK Squad spend some of our "extra" cash on?