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NAK Images

NAK Squad is proud to announce to the ArmA community “Meme Squad” our 1st Instagram meme contest. The goal of the contest is to invite players to showcase their creativity and humor and portray it on a picture/video meme. Anyone that wishes to submit an entry is free to do so, although any NAK Staff (NAK Command) who wishes to participate will not be eligible to win prizes. Winners will be selected by a jury of members of the NAK Staff.

We would like to thank Adonis, CasperTheAbnormal, Idelagarza & Moon for submitting such awesome screenshot artwork to be used on our website. You can see their submissions on the homepage in the "Teamwork, Strenght, Leadership" image and the "Our Servers" images. If you like to submit your screenshots you may do it in the forums and they may get featured on the website and twitter.