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Server Updates

An AI's description on the map shows the group owner's name - VileAce's [AI]. Added script to delete Bobcat when driven off the carrier. If you use VileHUD for screenshots when in a vehicle the crew list on the left will be hidden when VileHud is enabled. Added ability to lock backpacks.  Open the inventory and click the lock at the top center. Added hints to when leaving the arsenals to remind players to take MAP, GPS, and Radio. Added a new role in the lobby to spectate the server for great streaming.  Select Virtual (instead of blufor) and select the spectator role (For screenshots and more). Added the ability for a pilot to lock the turrets on the Ghost Hawks and armed Huron. Added clearer marker on the map to help see the carrier. Added additional tools for admins. Added framework for additional future changes.

NAK Command is proud to announce a second server update for NAK's 5th Anniversary of Arma 3. The biggest additional is the ability to recruit AI, to help you complete the mission.  You can use AI to support you while playing as infantry, drive a vehicle while you take a gunner or commander seat, or act as your gunner in a helicopter. Another big change is the ability to request a static mortar drop.  No longer do you have to drive to the AO with your mortar supplies.  Now you can halo to your selected location and request a mortar supply drop which comes with 3 mortar bipods and 20 mortar tubes for rearming.

To Help celebrate the NAK's 5 years of Arma 3, we have pushed a server update.  The update includes: New Infantry Base 5th Anniversary Signs at infantry spawn New and modified Supply Drops - All weapon drops are supplied with the correct ammo and combined into a single drop. Equipment and diving crate comes with general equipment, like a GPS, map, all vanilla suppressors, as well as all the gear and weapons needed to complete a water mission. First aid includes first aid kits and medkits. Personalized ammo, looks at all your weapons and delivers all compatible ammo. Explosives delivers all vanilla explosives and grenades. Night supplies delivers everything you might need for a night mission including flashlights, NVG, thermals, and more. Switching to approved mods only. Prevent DeathStar weapons from being towed (prevent lift was added in a previous update.) Added White NAK Squad Flag to all Land Vehicles. Initial Rules Page on join updated. Rules Signs Updated Bug Fixes including - Some helicopters not repairing at marked repair locations. Admin Changes

For some time both the Tanoa server and the Zeus server have been configured to allow only whitelisted (Approved) mods.  As of today, 10/03/2000, Altis will be switching to approved mods only as well.  For the last 6 months, we have had a rule that only approved mods are allowed on any of our servers, but on Altis, we chose to enforce this rule by only blacklisting mods that have a negative impact on performance or fair play. For the last month, we have been sending a message once every hour to give players notice of this change and we have been sending a message via chat at login if a player was using an unapproved mod.  We hope that this change will not cause too much difficulty, but we believe that it will provide our players with the best experience. If you connect to the server using an unapproved mod, you will see a message similar to the following after accepting the server rules, after which you will be sent back to the lobby. To connect to the server simply remove the mod indicated. There will be instances when an approved mod is indicated as unapproved. This can happen when a mod has been updated. If this happens you can either complete a bug report or speak to an admin. To connect to the server, unload the affected mod, we will apply the fix as soon as possible.

NAK Squad is constantly trying to improve our server in order to provide enjoyable, balanced gameplay for all players. For the month of July, we have made the following changes to the Altis server. Intro Video volume lowered. Tasks and hint descriptions of mission checked and updated as needed. Adjusted random in-game times on restart slightly -0200,0300,1000,1200,1400,1600,1700. If 0200 or 1700 is selected there will be approximately 2.5 hours of darkness, if 0300 or 1600 is selected there will be approximately 1.5 hours of darkness. If 1000, 1200, or 1400 is selected the server will be all daytime. Additional small spelling corrections. June NAK Elite Added. New Admins added. Verified all Taru pods could be lifted,  made corrections as needed. Tested thermals in various months and days.  Changed date of server from June 2X 2035 (2 days to no moon) to July 26th, 2021 - a full moon date - Night time on Altis. Restricted - Aegis UAV terminal. Added visual indication on the map showing where anti-air HQ vehicles should be limited to. Added map maker for anti-air HQ. Added new sign at Main infantry Spawn, anti-air HQ, and firing range that opens the strategic map - sign is labeled Teleport to strategic locations. (flag poles still open strategic map). Added back the Bobcat that spawns at Vehicle Spawn - No longer has yellow paint or yellow marker on the map. Added yellow map marker to the Bobcat on the carrier. Fixed Dynamic Loadout and Vehicle Skin menu on all applicable rewards vehicles. Fixed Color picker not working on some vehicles. Modified rewards vehicles, removed lower end rewards like Strider and Hunter added or increased probability of the more requested vehicles like BlackWasp, T-140K, and T-100. Updated Rules Billboards to reflect current rules. Fixed spelling errors. Full list of Rewards Vehicles – Duplicate entries increase the probability of being selected.