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Special Event

To celebrate NAK's 5th ArmA Anniversary we decided to give you something very special. We are doing yet another Special Modded Event on our Public Zeus Server. This time we are going back, way back. Where you can love the smell Napalm in the morning. We proudly present to you, Zeus Special Unsung Event! We are glad to announce that this month the special event will last for 10 days, starting from the 10th and will last until the 24th of October. And since this is a very special event, we are providing more than one map for you to choose from.

For the first week of May we are adding a couple of mods on the Zeus server to give it a little change and keep it interesting for everyone. We are adding 3 RHS mods (RHSAFRF, RHSGREF, RHSUSAF) as well as a map, Isla Abramia (requires CUP Terrains – Core). The mods mentioned above will be required to be able to join the Zeus server for the first week of May ( May/1/2020 – May/7/2020 ) and depending on the usage and the attendance on the server, we will keep the server modded longer or revert back to a vanilla server before the week period ends.