Completed Zeus Applications

NAK Zeus
  • VileAce (4/19/2017)

    I believe I have the knowledge and experience to create fun, memorable experiences for the NAK community.  I like to create multi-phase scenarios, that provide choices for the players on how best to achieve the final outcome.

    I prefer crafting scenarios for smaller groups of players, but with more experience I may be able to create an enjoyable experience for a full server.

    I am willing and have a desire to learn from more experienced Zeus creators, so if anyone has tips on how to be an effective Zeus for large environments (30 plus players), please leave feedback.

  • Dex (4/19/2017)

    I believe I can be a good Zeus players by making the scenario competitive and challenging for players. I strongly stand against unfair means and players using it.

    What players look for in a server is a challenging environment and not a monotonous playstyle where there is no mystery to it. Zeus can bring lot of changes and challenges for new players and skilled as well.

    A simple mission can be more than just ATTACK/DEFEND

  • vgerdj (4/23/2017)

    dedication to the server and fairness.

  • Wavious (4/23/2017)

    I’ve always enjoyed playing as Zeus. I mostly started out by creating personal missions for my own entertainment and creativity. Watching AI battle back and forth got a bit old too fast and so I started developing missions for multiplayer servers. The missions were great but I never had a player base to fulfill the use of them. This made it very hard and I spent tons of hours trying to grow my own servers for these missions. Being that it was not successful I gave up and started playing invade and annex for a while. VileAce told me about this application and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show off my Zeus command and techniques to give players an experience they have never had in arma before. 

  • reaper tonyw (4/24/2017)

         Why Should i be a Zeus. For me being a Zeus is fun to do and i love creating fun missions for everyone to enjoy. i play on the Zeus server by myself and people will  fill up the server and we play for hours on top most times.

         For me putting down a simple missions  is not my cup of tea. I want the players to be on there toes and afraid to make a choice and not just the simple (kill and take over village or kill target return to base.) to boring. i’m more of a person who likes to see people have fun in a game then playing it myself and for this i wouldn’t mind being Zeus all day if needed. but like always i still have much to learn. 

    just like painting i want it to have style ;p

    P.S. when summer comes around i will have more free time.

  • Targ35 (4/29/2017)

    Would like to explore the game further during the low usage hours until I get better at being Zeus

  • -UE- Jett (5/2/2017)

    I will create reasonable and realistic missions for players. 

  • Red (5/3/2017)

    I have played with VileAce a few times with him as Zeus and, since he is in the Teamspeak Channel with me, he has heard the level of professionalism I bring to the Zeus server as a PLAYER. I think he knows that I would take the role of Zeus seriously. I would make sure that my “powers” are only applied to providing the best mission experience/technical support to the players.

    Additionally, as seen yesterday, May 2nd, I feel that I can “instantly” populate the Zeus server by asking pilots in Altis #1 if anyone wanted to join. This, in turn, will hopefully lead to higher average population.

  • Mr.B (5/4/2017)

    I build a lot of my own scenarios with zues , I have been wanting to explore it with multiplayer , I’m a friendly person and love to have fun with arma , I recently tried a zues mission with vile ace as zues vand it was very interesting ,had a great time playing , I would love to give some multiplayers a chance to fight in there very own thought of scenarios. I’m not sure if it keeps my logged zues time in single player mode , I have a lot of hours I know that. 

  • Spatz (5/7/2017)

    I wish to learn how to be a Zeus for the nak server. I understand how it works, and how to use it, assuming its the same as the editor. I am a very fast learner and have been on a few Zeus missions.

  • Death Razor (5/7/2017)

    I think I should be Zeus because I can make nice and interesting missions. I’m capable of making missions that can last to like an hour if need be to be honest. I know what I am doing and willing to always cooperate with people and assist when and if need be without ruining the mission of its entirety. I feel if given the opportunity I can be a good Zeus and give them a nice experience.

  • super (5/9/2017)

    I have always wanted to be a real time game controller. It is really cool to be able to do that and I have a very creative and weird mind that could make some very interesting missions.

  • Acodywashere (5/11/2017)

    Everyone needs a start somewhere.

  • NCG User (5/12/2017)

    I played my first round yesterday with vile and loved it. I think I would really enjoy creating missions for others.

  • SovietX9 (5/13/2017)

    I’ve spent 90 hours on Zeus (Single Player) and completely understand almost every control. I’ve played as a Zeus for 5 hours on multiplayer severs, but I understand how to make good and fair missions for everyone to enjoy. I’ve also read the Zeus rules and guidelines page, and agree to follow these rules and guidelines through out my time as a Zeus. 

    I experienced successful missions that I would love to re-create for everyone else to enjoy.

  • John William Finn (5/14/2017)

    I have ZERO experience playing Zeus and I have no idea whether or not I would be any good.

    I do have real world experience with force on force – brigade sized movements with both blue and red forces. (specifics left out for obvious reasons.) Maybe it could contribute.


  • LickityLick (5/14/2017)

    I’m able to create multiple scenarios that is correlated to each other like a mini storyline. Also I have countless hours on RP, that I can role-play with others when the situation deemed necessary.

  • Sgt. H. Potter (5/15/2017)

    I am doing this in another game, a roleplay , and this makes the game more fun ( if you know what you’re doing , of course ). P. S : I don’t have a fix schedule, i will put when i think i can do best. But if i am free, i am in game too.

  • Dewfus (5/16/2017)

    I have been playing a lot on the Zeus server lately with most of the normal guys that show up there around 7-8 pm est. I have experience doing most of basic stuff for small team zeusing with a group of friends and wouldn’t mind zeusing so we can swap people so a group of people don’t always have to be the zeus. Plus I would like to gain more experience playing as a Zeus.

  • Yogi (5/19/2017)

    Able to create comprehensive missions that are not only fun but exiting for the players. I use a wide variety of custom scenarios along with descriptive briefing of the the objective.

  • Weil (5/20/2017)

    I have over 2200 hours logged in Arma 3, total. The first few hundred were training with different groups on using different mods and mission building.The rest followed as intense combat with upgraded AI that were constantly ahead of us. I know how combat should play out and I am well versed in not only vanilla arma 3 but administration and mission development with mods. Since January 2016, I have been doing daily private mission testing run off of my PC at home. Most of this activity with my friends and testers for mods and missions is done in zeus after editor. here is my steam profile URL:

  • Pvt W. D. Smith (5/23/2017)

    Well I’d like to get the learning experience but also since I can be professional

  • Robby Lambert (5/23/2017)

    I believe i should  be Zeus because, I can make very good scenarios for people to enjoy, I have an Extensive experience as Zeus from my countless hours of messing around on SP and doing Zeus modules, and I Believe i have enough to make Objectives for people to Capture/Defend.

    But then again, It isn’t my choice, It is up to whom ever reads this. I hope i have left enough to persuade you into allowing me to Honor of being Zeus on your Wonderful Server.

    ~Warm Regards, Robert Lambert

  • Marksman_A3 (5/24/2017)

    I’m a Veteran Player and i love to play on NAK

  • Rev (5/25/2017)

    I am available on most days.

    Benevolent God I am; it is very rare I will go beyond to show the powers of god Achilles.

    Jokes aside, with Zeus I will be able to make the game not only enjoyable to me, but to others by providing new unconventional operations.

    I have seen the Zeus server run rampant with unnecessary zeus power spam and I want to direct the server to a brighter future where Zeus mode is actually a Zeus mode, not some lightening gunrun spamfest.


  • Flash (6/1/2017)

    I have always been fascinated with watching the role of Zeus, being able to dictate what a mission is like and how it will go is in your hands, it’s a humbling and thrilling experience. Although I may not have the experience one would look for when looking at a Zeus application, I have several hours in the editor, finding out how to set groups of enemy vehicles and squads effectively to patrol an area as well as thinking on the flip side on how to keep frame rates and Roleplay up and lag down. I have approximately 40 hours collectively in the community and I wish to be a bigger part and help to make the experience found on the server one that is enjoyable and fun, just as I have found it this way. I am willing to learn new things from the Zeus’s that are already here as well to better help out the experience and I look forward to working with you soon! Have a great one, Zach (Flash)

  • Luke Metcalf (6/10/2017)

    I have very creative missions and would love to try them out, learning new things in zeus would be great and providing unique, sometimes story driven missions.

  • Artrix (6/11/2017)

    I don’t have abusive tendencies. A lot of Zeus players tend to take long on making a simple mission and I believe I don’t take that long to come up with something. In real life I work as a chefs help (chef in training) so I do have great communications skills between my self and people. My patience is massive, if i come upon trolls I know how to deal with them and such. Ideally I also know how to compromise in case the troops don’t like what I’m doing.

  • Drevv (6/15/2017)

    I enjoy making scenarios and watching how people react. In using these reactions, with the next scenario i will do my best to make the players not able to use their normal reactions with this comes more required communication and teamwork. I am a very observant person. I have been Zeus on a couple other servers and they really did enjoy the fact that they couldn’t react the same way every time. 

  • Mythi (6/17/2017)

    I enjoy playing Zeus missions and have practiced in the editor a bit. I have also played on NAK extensively (not as long as some people, but I am a sergeant.)

  • zMOFOz (6/26/2017)

    I am what you would call a second Zeus. I enjoy making effects that the Zeus cant because of the task at hand. I keep the current Zeus focused while I make effects and do the little stuff such as jets that fly over head/storms that look more real/heli landings/LZ and pick up/day and time/weather/pedestrians that move and act real. I dont want to be a Zeus but a effect Zeus.

  • Allen (6/27/2017)

    There are scenarios/missions where not a lot of improvising are put in. That’s where I would like to help create unique role plays.

    I don’t have much experience in Zeus creation but I am a fast learner. There are lots of opportunities many players can take when going under a Zeus server with me; Coordination, Learning tactical advantages, Making friends, etc.
    Thanks for letting me apply~ 

  • Warden (6/28/2017)

    I am a seasoned combat/troop transport pilot, and will be able to run any missions

  • General Cookie (7/5/2017)

    I would like to bring a fresh new idea of warfare to zues missions

  • Clark (7/8/2017)

    I would like to learn how to be zeus. I will not abuse it, or do anything that I am not supposed to, and will do my best to learn.

  • CT – 5073 “Carl” (7/10/2017)

    I have past knowledge of Zues’ing and I personally believe I am a very creative person! I also have spent time with the players of this community and I want to help be a part of what creates the fun!

  • Ollie (7/15/2017)

    I enjoy making OPs for myself, and on occasion for friends. I’ve really been interested recently, as I’ve been playing mainly on the NAK Zeus server. I would be more than will to work under a seasoned Zeus Admin, so I can work faster and more efficiently.

  • Shawn (7/17/2017)

    I feel that I would make a good Zeus because I understand the responsibilities of Zeus and how the mission should appeal to the player base but not carry them through the mission. I also feel I understand that it is the Zeus responsibility to make a good mission by creating a story and giving the mission meaning rather than completing an objective.

  • MSgt. J “Oxide” Blazak (7/19/2017)

    I have been using the editor to create scenarios since arma 2, it started with base building for dayZ mod servers that I ran and then eventually I would build missions for my self on Takistan. In arma 3 I regularly build missions to play in the editor if my internets out or I am just feeling like it. I prefer to build multi task missions or missions with some kind of progression opposed to single objective missions but what ever gets requested shouldn’t be a problem. I haven’t played many hours of multiplayer Zeus since it was hard to find a good server with an open slot when I was trying it out but I feel like I have enough hours in the editor to confidently make memorable, fun and, engaging Zeus missions.

  • aaron (7/28/2017)

    I’d like to create missions for everyone that involve a mix of realism with a twist of excitment. I have experience in creating and planning missions in real life as well as operating through a chain of command, which will add a sense of depth. Keeping the mission focused yet adding those “twists” will allow me to create missions that everyone can enjoy from the best of players to the least experiecned yet still be challenging at times.

  • Geist664 (8/19/2017)

    I have not hosted a Zeus mission yet, but I have ideas for several missions that I want to host.  I think I have a pretty good handle on how to Zeus, but I am certain there are some mistakes I would make.  I would love to host a Zeus mission for some NAK Command, NAK Full Tac, or NAK Elite as a demonstration if anyone is ever interested in that.  I have created some templates, one is heavy on mods, for missions as well as some full missions.  They focus primarily on infantry tactics, with stamina, and revive by medics only (just to give more functionality to that class).  However, I am working on some ideas for missions that would involve more pilots and armor.  Please feel free to contact me: or Steam, etc. Thanks.

  • G0lden (8/20/2017)

    Looking to help oxide and a few guys with building and running zeus missions. Not confident enough to do it solo just yet but I’ve got the gist of it and they’re gonna help me with the finer points.

  • Paveway (8/20/2017)

    I have spent a lot of time playing Arma 2, OA, 3, and even Opearation Flashpoint back in the day. I love making missions and playing coop with like-minded individuals in a tactical/semi-tactical setting. When Zeus came out I was enthralled with the ability to “DM” missions on the fly and I want to do it on a larger scale.

    I am very familiar with the mission editor all the way back to the original Operation Flashpoint and am familiar with running the Zeus interface (I use Ares/Achilles addon)

    I have experience with making custom missions for units back in the Operation Aarowhead days (I was part of TAW ( several years back)

    Most of my Zeus experience so far has been very small missions with a handful of IRL friends so I want to take it to the next level and run fun ops with a larger, more organized unit.

    I want to help make fun and engaging content for Nak regulars and newcomers alike.

  • Ozone (8/27/2017)

    I used to only play as zeus when I play arma. As well as about 120+ hours in arma 2 mission editor. I usually play with a group of friends and just make ops for them all the time. I take time to make missions with unique, detailed story and flexibility for the players taking part in the mission and try to have no interference with how they handle their mission. I do the research to make it accurate and fun for everyone. I know most of the bits and pieces to zeus and eden.

  • Phantom (8/28/2017)

    I believe I should be a Zeus because I have a lot of tactical knowledge and know how to challenge people. I also know how to immerse the player-base in the mission as well as keep it playable vs unplayable. I also have military experience and could share the training experience with the players through scenarios.

  • Victor The Wolf (8/31/2017)

    I would like to learn how to Zeus better, and I would like to be able to see people complete missions that I or me and another person set up.

  • Sgt Meister (9/7/2017)

    Well I’ve been here with NAK for a little bit been hanging out with everyone getting to know the staff and regulars and its been overly enjoyable. I was helping Warden make a zeus map for Delta this weekend tonight and I was enjoying it. Someone earlier said I should apply and with my lack of experience I was hesitant but that being said. I really do love the idea of making something or as it said in the rules, Making a story for someone to remember and or enjoy. I’ve done a lot of zeus with aries personally so I know some of the ends and outs of it, but then again I’m sure ill need to learn a lot of the basics that I see being used as well. But I do hope I get the chance to make something for the community to enjoy!

  • Draazen (9/15/2017)

    I have around 40 hours of in-game time using Ares:Achilles, so I am familiar with how to use it.  I have created missions in the EDEN editor with MCC, and even though that mod isn`t allowed, I feel that the experience I have with making missions is transferable to making missions with Ares as Zeus.  I have spent a good amount of time on our Zeus server, so I have a good idea from the player perspective what is fun/challenging and what is boring/easy, as well as watching how each Zeus chooses to bui;d their missions (the flow of the mission, creating objectives on the fly, etc.)

  • Rackhamm (9/15/2017)

    I shouldn’t be… yet. I want to become a zeus moderator, but I would like to have a little more training first. I enjoyed the days when I would DM a DnD session or run a Warhammer 40k campaign, and I would love to be able to zeus on the NAK server if possible in the future. I have just started playing Arma 3 around 3-4 months ago, and the moment I tried out zeus I loved it, and wanted more of it. Unfortunately, most official servers play like monkeys in a jungle gym, and guiding them is like herding cats. 

    I want to learn how to become better at zeus, but I want to be able to zeus as well. Obviously anything I write here is skeptical, but if you take me out on a spin, and possibly show me the ropes while at it, I can show you that I can be a very decent game master.

  • [C4L] Steven migroovy (9/20/2017)

    i enjoy making missions and giving the players choice in the missions route


  • Bateekh (9/21/2017)

    I’ve always been a fan of the concept of a Zeus game master and would like to try it out on a larger scale than just with my friends. I have messed around with level design since Halo Reach Forge and want the chance to do the same in Arma 3.

  • Sherwood (9/21/2017)

    I enjoy making missions in public Zeus, but i also make missions for a mil-sim community I play with. I feel i could offer a Different perspective on making Zeus missions for the players.

  • Booby Hell (9/25/2017)

    Zeus’ in general should be creative in their jobs as mission makers and I believe I can help contribute to that. I’m open minded to hear from what the players suggest as to what mission we would or are playing. I ran a few missions either personal or with a group of friends on the side and have listened to them as to what needs to be added or changed.

  • [NDC] Vunkai (9/25/2017)

    I’d like to start preparing and creating general missions that can be used in NAK Tac.  Having a general group to get a feel of how test these creations on and in hopes of creating dynamic missions that evolve with player choices would make the server more interesting.  The missions could help me improve as a leader and as a Zeus in NAK Tac (when applicable).  I also will be able, as a player to have a better understanding of time taken to create a Mission or make a small change while working on a mission.


    I’d also like to give to the community a bit more than simply being a leader in NAK Tac and work with the creation of missions that are fun and repeatable without to much mediocracy. 

    As an aside, selecting the day and times seem to be finicky and bugged, I only have three options listed in UTC, while I live in EST.  Tuesday is also misspelled as Teusday.  Day will most likely be Thursday or Sunday.  Time will be around 12pm – 8 pm est on both days

  • henri (9/30/2017)

    I would like to be able to go Zeus for creation of interesting ops and missions, as well as being able to do that when no one else is available which has been an issue in the past. In that situation I’d like to be able to assist, and furthermore even help others while they are playing as Zeus. I don’t expect to be given anything, I am simply requesting the trust so in future situations where there is no Zeus or when players would like a Zeus, I can take over. I have created several Zeus missions before and have over 850+ hours on ArmA 3. Ever since my inception to ArmA I have played realism and simulation servers, mostly on NAK servers.

  • D. Wolf (10/3/2017)

    Hello, I have been on NAK Squad for a while and have played many scenarios that have been presented on the Zeus server. Do to those experiences I would be able to make unique mission ideas and different scenarios.

    By experiencing certain missions/scenarios I have noticed an arcade and repetitive theme. By watching multiple documentaries of middle-east combat/wars assist in the knowledge of mission handling and simulation of the scenario.

    When I’m Zeus, I would aim to better, with the skill of situational awareness. By working in a Metal Fabrication shop and also do airsoft gives me the focus and awareness of my surroundings and equipment. 

    Whenever doing an operation as a group member, I stay concentrated on my role and master it. With this ideology, I can do the same for Zeus operation.

    On Teamspeak, I am able to make jokes and make a mission fun and not making it too serious. This communication ideology would help me as a Zeus operator to make mission fun and enjoyable.

    I am able to perform being commander for players on the Zeus server and keep the feeling of knowing the situation presented.

    Thank you for reading my Zeus Application



    Arma3 username: D. Wolf

    TS3 username: D. Wolf


  • Andreis Rossett (10/6/2017)

    I really enjoy playing in the zeus missions currently being done and would love to be able to help out and create missions and all around just enjoy the time I have within the NAK Zeus server. The satisfaction I feel after working on something and having others use it and enjoy it is unparalleled…

  • Sled (10/8/2017)

    I love being in roles of laying out story lines and adventures for players to enjoy. I used to be the DM in many d&d campaigns and think the two relate fairly well. I want to transfer over the fun and adventure into a military sim and play it out with a fun community and that would be best filled by learning and playing zues!

  • LT. Sana (10/14/2017)

    I’ve played the Zeus server a long time and I like making my own missions on the side when I cant connect. I want to apply for Zeus because there’s a lake of Zeus’s during the times I want to play so it be awesome to help the community 😀

  • Hammer (10/22/2017)

    I have 90+ hrs on NAK and ~30+ hrs on Zeus server to play in multiple types of missions from various Zeus (e.g. Vunkai, Fox, Luke, VileAce, Yogi). From my reality career, I have strong understanding of the teamwork & professional nature employed in Zeus missions, as I regularly team with players like Sgt Meister or off duty Zeus. I have recently made it to NAK TAC as SGT, so I am ready to take leadership role and will continuously improve as both squad member and leader.  Also I have a good idea on how the mission background usually set up and the flow of missions (either more fun or realistic oriented), in order to provide the best possible game experiences for everyone. I think I can contribute to set up a variety of mission ideas of different natures from fiction or reality that we currently don’t have, so the players can experience more fun & challenges, and hopefully attract more new players. 

  • John smith (10/27/2017)

    I have 400 hours in Eden editor, messing around and creating custom missions of my own, with mods and without . I should be Zeus so I can share those missions with other players and friends.

  • Bushy (10/27/2017)

    hi, my name is justin. I have a deep passion like 7 inches deep for making Zeus missions when i’m not on this great server i spend my time practicing Being Zeus i love to learn new things and with Zeus you learn something new every day it’s also alot of fun for everybody anyway thanks for looking this over. peace

  • Grenaders3 (10/31/2017)

    I have experience in running Zeus Operations on Public servers as well as having a very easy going attitude when it comes to changes of events that occur during Zeus Operations. I like to think I adapt to situations extremely well. I also in person and virtually Run DnD Roleplaying games as a DM (Dungeon Master), which shows I can create and think up scenario’s and manage things so players can have the most fun out of it. I’ve been DM’ing games for about two years now.

  • Ronnie (11/5/2017)

    I’ve spent approximately 30+ hours on the NAK Zeus server and built a relationship with members there. I have many ideas for Zeus missions that span from legit HALO jumps behind enemy lines to assassinating officers to prevent an all out artillery strike. My missions do not consist of going from point A to point B and back again. I prefer creating missions that constantly evolve and make players develop anxiety trying to determine what might happen next.Thank you for taking the time to read my application and I hope to be another accepted Zeus.

  • FoxOwl1 (11/10/2017)

    Id love to be a ZEUS, I love playing on the Zeus servers almost every night and I believe I could work with Drassen and SGT Meister…ect I would like to create in-depth missions and an all around good time. dont know whatd youd like me to add but im flexible.

  • SGT_CORSAIR (11/13/2017)

    i think i have the idea and knowledge to creat new and interactive senario that can lead to a maximum fun on that server

  • ddude (11/27/2017)

    I was approved at one point then got in trouble for it, not banned but permissions revoked. I never had any problems or bad feedback from my players and I know I was fairly well respected among them for being good and fair to them. I’ve since cleared up the problems and questions about the role and feel ready to try again. 

  • Steve Mason (12/1/2017)

    I have thus far been able to find a server to consistently play as Zeus.  I have familiarized myself with the role, with the Ares mod, primarily in the editor.  I’m hoping to sit in as a secondary, or perhaps play later at night with small groups until I am assured in my abilities.  One thing I am very fond of is story telling.  I have been head GameMaster for numerous MilSim Gmod servers, I have game mastered both War Games and D&D games for the past 6 years.  My primary experience is in story-telling and ensuring immersion.  Although it may take me some time to get comfortable with the Zeus interface in a multiplayer setting, I believe that I have gotten as accustomed as I can using the limited Zeus time available on official servers.

    I hope to provide the server with missions that can be remembered.  With numerous sessions spanning a overarching story.  Each operation should have influence on the next.  Also, I believe failure should be an option.  If they fail to destroy a gunship that was a secondary objective in one mission, that same gunship should come back to face them later.


    Overall, although initially I just wish to watch and learn; to help the primary Zeus player. I hope I will quickly find myself able to Zeus engaging and enjoyable missions.

  • 2nd LT Halken (12/3/2017)

    People are saying I should apply and try out being a Zeus. There isn’t much reason to it but I am more than happy to give it a try

  • Snipsmagu (12/13/2017)

    I enjoy  the zeus server and would like to learn more about creating missions. I am typically on from 10 pm to 1 am US eastern standard time.

  • Pvt. Jwdogg609 (12/15/2017)

    This is a Reapplication due to a low amount of server hours, I was recommended to re-apply at 20 hours (according to CopOut) so I will keep this a little short.

    My first 10 hours of zeusing (public servers) were rough. I was inexperienced and had little knowledge, but I then grew to learn new tricks. I soon was able to create acceptable missions at around the 30-hour mark. I continued to grow until I was able to create interesting missions for the public servers.  However I still have much to learn, and I have yet to develop a specific style. However, I think that while public servers are a great way to be introduced to zeus, the mostly immature community and lack of modding to the zeus interface are not the best place to learn advanced techniques. 

    I hope through that increased use of mods like Ares/Achilles on this server, and the much better community I can continue to grow and contribute great missions to the server.

    – For your Consideration

    – Pvt. Jwdogg609

  • Nubbinz (12/27/2017)

    I enjoy playing on the NAK zeus server and sometimes I play late, but just because me and 4 others play late doesn’t mean the only zeus on will play late. The biggest reason I want to zeus is to be able to make missions for when people play late, and theres no zeus. I will be fair and will not abuse the players during my missions.

  • LESHII (1/5/2018)

    I have decided to be more active on Nak and I promote the server in real life with those I encounter talking about gaming as well as reference the server a lot. I have random mission ideas that I think of while I’m at work. I am a Marine at Mcas Miramar and trade stories of fights and conflicts of the past and have many scenarios I can contribute.

  • Medimen (2/4/2018)

    I would like to be supervised as I create a multi-phase mission for NAK community to play in real time. And I would like positive feedback from the supervisor if such a mission qualifies me in the future to run Zeus missions. If I can be trusted to play fair and fully abide by the rules.

  • REAPER6 (2/16/2018)

    I have some great ideas that you don’t normally get on Altis and Malden. Some for 2-3 platoons and others for multiple divisions. Some of the missions I’m thinking about are more developed for nak tac and would require a disciplened group of players. But I am working on a few for smaller turnout since neither Zeus or nak tac have had a large group to play with lately. Hopefully we can all keep our eyes out for players that would fit in good and not good off. Them get them to join us on a semi regular basis. I’d like to join in a zues on a multiplayer mission one day and see how it works online compared to editor. Also learn some tips and trick from the pros. So step one create more interest for zues missions. Use those zues mission to find the disciplined players who want to get a little more sim play and not the chaos of normal server play. I see good things for the future of zues missions and hopefully on to nak tac.

  • Rollacanda (3/4/2018)

    I’m very interested in helping as much as i possibly can.  I have the time and the patience that i believe it takes to create mission.  I also what to help new people out.  I completely understand and respect all rules set out.  I’m all about game play and teamwork.  I learn from my failures.  Thank you for your time.

  • TFGCody (3/6/2018)

    I have a lot of experience on Zeus. Also we need more Zeus creators on the NAKTAC server and I feel like I can qualify for that role. I have a good amount of hours on Arma and I also use to Zeus for other units. I feel like I could make a good Zeus and make people have fun as well.  

  • [Sgt] Zero (3/8/2018)

    I believe i should become a Zeus because I have always had a love for making missions on the editor then playing them myself so with me being a Zeus i would be able to make missions for other people to enjoy and talk about for days after. Even though i lack time in Zeusing with people i’m a very fast learner so i would be able to pick up all i need to know in order to become a better Zeus and mission maker.

  • sycholic (3/17/2018)

    Want to learn zeus more, figure I can plan that out with running Nak Tac training missions.  This way I can learn the quirks of zeus stuff with Nac Tak mods while doing simple training ops till I feel more comfortable with larger scale situations.

  • Volcano (3/31/2018)

    I enjoy playing Zeus missions and have practiced in the editor a lot. I have also played on NAK and other servers before so I have knowledge of the modded stuff too.

    The main reason is actually that I live in Europe and the time I go online, not a lot of Zeuses are online and there is nobody to run a small op for us. I do not abuse the Role. I know when to push a unite to the player and to plan a storyline for the player to feel the OP and not just play anything. For me, Zeus OP is more of player experience than an Objective to complete!
    Yes, I don’t have a lot of multiplayer Zeus time and that is because this is my first time applying for this Role. everyone has to start somewhere and I like for my start to be in Nak.
    I applied to a Nak Elite too so I am planning to stay long in this Community and contribute to it.
    I’m a very fast learner so I would be able to pick up all I need to know in order to become a better Zeus

    Thanks for everyone keeping the community running!

  • Waffle Coaster (4/3/2018)

    I would love to be a zeus, that way I can learn from the senior zeus and help them eventually. I would love to be able to create missions where the players can have an unforgettable experience playing them.

  • TarlDesnea (4/19/2018)

    I would like to be able to create and run missions for the group

  • David Wilson (4/20/2018)

     I’ve always thought the idea of Zeus was interesting, and I’ve played on the official ones for the last couple of weeks now and I find it very fun, although it’s just official and it’s kinda hard to control the people and the game because of trolls, and not being able to have any mods that help with “zeus’ing”. And I’m always open for help/tips in being Zeus, and I would love to learn more about it. At the moment I would consider myself alright at Zeus’ing. I feel like I could bring an enjoyable experience for first and foremost the players but also for myself, while also learning and getting feedback which you wouldn’t get from playing on Official servers.

    And getting the chance to being Zeus on nak server I think would be really fun because then the missions would be a lot more organized and fun to do while a lot easier.

  • Pvt. jwdogg609 (4/21/2018)

    was accepted, did a stupid, entered something stupid, got privileges removed, was told a reapplication was possible, so I’m reapplying. Wanna experience this server more (especially because my router hasn’t been allowing me to connect for months and my first time back on i do a stupid.) So please reconsider me.

  • Wave (5/7/2018)

    To not get banned everytime I hit my Y key a bit too often and finally have some missions with some mortars.

    All bad jokes aside, I have seen many beautiful missions. From invasions on the african coast clearing out the thick jungles of Tanoa, to a down-the-hill siege on the airfield of Malden and a search-and-destroy on the Chernarus hills.

    The thrill of taking enemy fire, with explosions all around you whilst working to keep your buddy alive, the taste of victory after eliminating the last enemy Hind, or having to direct a fireteam in chaos are all experiences I would love to pass onto newer players, and give them the true Arma experience. 

    It will not be me versus the player, but me with the player trying to make the most epic experience for them to enjoy, where even after being shot down 50 times they will say “lets go again!” 

  • Scootershot (5/10/2018)

    I enjoy Nak to the fullest and Zeus is where i like to spend most of my time when the server is up and ruining with awesome missions i think i would make a great addition to the Zeus roster because i am creative and i would bring missions that would keep players wanting more i am well disciplined when it comes to Zeus i only place units that are logical and make sense 

  • Aelgalden (5/11/2018)

    I’d like to become a Zeus so players can have a more immersive experience than the open servers will allow due to the mods that are on the Zeus server while also having a increased amount of fun doing so, so it’ll be a great experience for myself and others.