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Part 1

Two trucks meet up at XX:XX at X location. These two trucks contain two important enemy military leaders, they are guarded by 4 enemy vehicles. The mission is to ambush these trucks at the given location at the time given and extract the VIP’s without killing them.

For reference about ambush:


  • Both VIP’s will be unarmed and wearing an officer uniform.
  • THEY MUST NOT DIE. If they do die, enemy calls in heavy reinforcements.
  • If BLUFOR is spotted before the VIP’s dismount, enemies will engage at friendlies and both trucks will flee.
  • If the VIP’s are not extracted in time during the interception, mission failed.
  • If enemy trucks are destroyed, mission failed


Two soviet military leaders are meeting up to trade some blueprints for a new nuclear weapons that is about to be developed by a private militia that gets millions of dollars pumped from classified businesses. Your job is to intercept this meeting and extract the VIP’s alive, so they can be interrogated to extract information about the nuclear weapon.

Part 2

After the VIP’s have been interrogated, locations to a nuclear facility will be located, this facility will be heavily guarded with heavy defenses. NATO’s job is to destroy the nuclear facility with explosives as well as get rid of the enemy guards and scientists working for the militia.

  • The explosives must be planted, no missiles will destroy the facility
  • All guards and scientists must be neutralized
  • This can be carried out stealthily or loudly
  • Enemy patrols with armored vehicles
    • Tanks
    • Technicals
    • Helicopter overwatch
  • Mission cannot be failed


Information from the interrogation of the VIP’s has revealed a nuclear facility nearby, where they are working on nuclear weapons that they are planning to use against NATO. Your job is to destroy that facility and get rid of the scientists working on the nuclear project. The alert level has raised to DEFCON 1, The world’s future depends on you.


  • Side Mission
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