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Donations November 2020

Although we did not meet our donation goal for November with the NAK Squad donations tool, if you include the NAK Patreons Supporters, we did meet the goal.  As the NAK Patreons Supporters is new to NAK Squad, we have not decided how to, or, if to integrate the Patreon donations into the ‘regular’ donations.  At least for the month of November, we will be adding the total from the NAK Patreon Supporters into the total from the ‘regular’ donations, which means we DID meet our donation goal for November and that for the last 12 months NAK Squad has met its donation goal.

Meeting our donations goal for the last 12 months is a huge achievement. By meeting this goal we can continue to offer the NAK Squad servers and services month after month. I have been asked what goes into the NAK Squad expenses and how we come up with our monthly donation goal.

To provide the services we currently offer, NAK Squad has:

1 Dedicated server (Altis)
1 Dedicated server (Tanoa/TeamSpeak)
1 Hosted Server (Zeus/Website)
Domain Names
TeamSpeak License
Website Plugins
External Monitoring Tools

Some expenses are paid yearly so the total cost was divided by 12 to get the monthly expense.

In the coming weeks, we will be publishing the server specs and additional information about the NAK Squad servers and services.

I would like to personally thank everyone that has been part of the NAK Squad community and specifically to those who have donated to keep the servers running for the last 5 years.

  • December 3, 2020

    It’s a pleasure to donate to keep this fantastic community going !!!!

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