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July 16th, 2018, 1:29 pm

Coming up to my 1yr anniversary in NAK and over 3100+ hrs in ARMA 3, I've come across many types of players during my tenure. I believe LESHII wholeheartedly means well in wanting to help the community. He's a strong proponent in regards to fairness and treating others with respect. As we all know, life is an ongoing process and with the help from peers we can help solidify the mold that is our community.

With all that mumble-jumble, I give Leshii the benefit of the doubt..


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July 16th, 2018, 2:06 pm

I don't know him and never seen him on the Altis server so I can't say, but would like to see him in action on are busy server!! fare as time ok, how dos he handle people? So for now NO I play on the server 10-12hrs a day! So come let more see you in action!! then yes or no! :mrgreen:
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July 16th, 2018, 2:12 pm

I have 2 concerns, first Leshii you have not been on any of the Arma server in 13 days, that is not unheard of for an established admin, but we generally expect new admins to put in a little more time than that. It is going to be very difficult to schedule your training and make sure that you have absorbed that training if you are not on but every 2 weeks.

My second concern is the rule violations. The first was when you reported yourself on Mon Apr 23, 2018, but then about 3 weeks ago you did the same thing. Aelgalden came to me, because players had been playing a mission you were making, you went AFK, but after an hour you had not come back. Most players would have had their Zeus whitelist removed. How can I be sure that if you are an Admin that you will follow the rules. I can not give any leeway when it come to enforcing the Admin rules and code of conduct.

Leshii can you address my two concerns?

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July 18th, 2018, 8:16 pm

Sorry. Currently dealing with military matters. Facing separation early on top of they took my personal belongings away. I've not exactly had any time to do anything for myself. I'd like to withdraw the application. I dont know if I'll be around much longer given what's going on. If I can return i would love to.

And as for the zeus mission incident, I am hoping any of the players of that time can recall me stating I was having internet issues and I will try. I attempted to reconnect many times and it would load in but pressing y would not load zeus. After about half an hour I lost complete internet service, and as I don't have anyone in naks cell number I couldn't call or text anyone about it. Interner service was resumed the following day temporarily and I could do minimal use. You could notice that time frame was around my last time in the naktac. For the reason I couldn't connect or maintain connection.

In response to negative remarks on my application, no hard feelings and thank you for your feed back with the honesty. Same to the positive remarks, it is appreciated.

And actually a recap on the military but I'm facing. I have injuries. And I had one surgery for one of them. Today as a cherry on top. I just re injured it twice in a row. Wasting the surgery. Facing reduction in rank pay and liberty. Facing false accounts of negative remarks regarding conduct and professional standing. Which, seeing why, which is because I'm medically unable to work, they are charging me with refusal to train, when medically speaking it's illegal to work. And once more I withdraw the application or request it is frozen or something unless approved and if approved I'd like it to be known my separation date at this moment unless the congressman can fix this is august 8th at midnight pst.

And lastly the time concern. I am getting out of the marine corps. The "elite" branch or as I call it the worst branch. All military guys can back this and the stuff we face say in and out even for smiling or breathing can cause us to lose everything. I'm out in a short amount of time. I get out and with getting out I'll be at school and driving uber and food delivery. Depending when I have school morning afternoon or night or midnight. My plan is this, school, food delivery high demand times, uber high demand times, nak 2 hours if I'm admin I'll use my phone and tablets to monitor games and I'll have my computer if they give it back be set up in game split between gaming and admin and zeus or advertising the nak server.

Just right now. I am being what military call in two ways, blue falconer. Please dont call it an excuse. I've had my injuries called an excuse to not go running. These are the situations and I am doing my best. This is long. If you have questions please reply when and what they are. I'm going to go lose my paycheck to more uniforms for this inspection. Be safe and have a good game.

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