NAK Tactical Vietnam Mission, Week 2

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July 12th, 2019, 2:57 pm

For this event, NAK Tac will be using a special collection of mods. For these events, the normal mod collection will not be used. Details of the event can be found in the NAK Tac forum -

NAK Tac NAM 2019 ... 1774187454

NAK Tac NAM 2019 Optional ... 1774191577

After Securing “Camp Sarge”, the NAK Squad got assigned to the camp and use it as its operative base for the near future. The Investigation team in the camp found out about a Radio Tower in the area that was used to intercept the communications and ambush the convoy near the Town of “Ta Lieng”. The Facility is suspected to hold NVA Forces now.

  • Using Camp Sarge as your base of operations, you will depart to the town of “Khe Luoi”.
  • Your objective is to move to the town “Bahnar”, and Capture an HVT alive and secure him for transport back to “Camp Sarge” safely.
  • Move the HVT to the Town of “Ban Khe” northwest of "Bahnar" and deliver him to “Lima Squad” so they transport him back to “Camp Sarge”.
  • Your second objective is to move West to the “Radio Relay Vandergrift”
  • Clear it and destroy the communication equipment and the radio tower to make it useless for the NVA Forces if they ever think of taking it back.
  • See if you can find any useful intel in the location that might help us in the future.
NAK Vietnam Week 2.jpg
After making noise in the “Bahnar” Town getting the HVT, we expect the base at “Radio Relay Vandergrift” to get alerted about our presence, so expect a good fight up there.
NAK Vietnam Week 2 SAT .jpg ... 1801640080
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