Change to new map that all Zeus should know

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June 18th, 2018, 11:23 pm

The are many new changes to the Zeus maps. The biggest is with the implementation of Alive. Below I will go over some of those changes but may may want to log in and explore the new maps yourself.

Changes to maps.
  • All arsenals have been changed, about 200 new weapon, ammo types and accessories added, mostly from the MAssi NATO_Rus weapons.
  • Three IDAP Supply boxes have been added intended to be used with Combat Support see below, but as a Zeus you can also move these items to the AO for resupply, they are complete limited arsenal just like the oe at base. (these three boxes are the only items on the map when the mission starts that a Zeus should move or delete).
  • HuntIR is now compatible with most NATO_Rus weapons with underbarrel grenade launches (Zeus most give players the HuntIR monitor as it is not in the arsenal
  • The supports system (CAS, transport and supply drops have been changed) To use the support system the player must have the Alive Table, except for transport, anyone can get into the transport vehicles and select Talk to Pilot from the action menu. For more information visit
  • Advanced marker system has been added (CTRL+ALT+Left click add advanced marker to the map, when creating an advanced marker you can add a sitrep, which will be added to the diary list. CTRL+ALT+Right click will delete a marker.
  • Alive stats has been added (more on this to come at a later date)
  • Command Combat Control (C2ISTAR) has been added this feature gives any unit with the Alive Combat Table access to advanced abilities
  • The Alive Combat Tablet has not been added to the Arsenal or to any player by default, as Zeus if you want a player to have access to the information and features you must provide them with the Tablet.
  • Some features of C2ISTAR include Player information (You can see player weapon ammo count and health status) and group management, battlefield intel and imagery from air assets link to the C2ISTAR (CAS, and Transport Helicopters).You can create Tasks (automatic tasks does not work) Under reports you can add information to the map and the diary list keeping a running status of the mission.

For more information on C2ISTAR visit Some features have been intentionally disabled at this point to limit the amount of changes at one time.

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