Sabotage mission

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July 2nd, 2018, 3:42 pm

The Sabotage mission has been updated. Zeus please check the Zeus Regulations forum, the mission name for Sabotage has changed.

More medical items have been added to the map. Various medical locations are marked on the map others are not.
Player kills are displayed in chat, you will get to see who made the kill with what weapon and the range of the kill.
And maybe the most requested mission and player progress is saved. I'm not sure if it is required but until confirmed otherwise, to save your progress Hit ESC and select "Player Exit" from that menu. You should see a confirmation the the player progress has been saved. When you load back in you will get a list of tasks completed or failed by other players or yourself and all of your equipment will still be in your inventory.

If you find any issues with the mission you can complete a bug report.

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