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July 20th, 2018, 9:34 pm

Many of you including some Admins are loading mods that are not on the NAK Tac/ Zeus Basic collection when playing on the Zeus Tactical server. I know you are not doing it with the intent to cheat, but the rules say not to load any mod that is not on the list.

The most common mod players are loading is NATO_Rus_Weapons: ... =500929500. AT THIS TIME DO NOT LOAD this mod. On our server we use NATO_Rus_Weapons_CBA: ... =677119005 which is a one to one replacement for NATO_Rus_Weapons. Loading both mods may have unexpected results depending on the load order.

We are aware that you will receive a dependency error when you do not load NATO_Rus_Weapons, it is okay. As long as you have the correct mod NATO_Rus_Weapons_CBA loaded, you will not have any issues. Just ignore the dependency errors related to NATO_Rus_Weapons.

I am looking into the need for the CBA version. It looks as if Massi has incorporated the CBA compatibility in both versions. For the time being use the version that is on the server NATO_Rus_Weapons_CBA.

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