Manual artilery Mk6 Mortar resources

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July 10th, 2019, 12:56 pm

The Vector from RHS and CUP are just range finders. You need to have ACE loaded to get all the fancy features (azimuth, elevation, relative positions).

I was able to use the Artillery Computer App on the Altis server and get accurate hits 70% of the time (within 15m of my target). The other 30% were within 75m, I think that is just the built-in accuracy of the mortar, not a fault with the Artillery Computer App. Any HE rounds within 50m were at least incapacitating the enemy.

To use the mortar it does help to have a spotter. The UAV operator is a great spotter for mortars. The other option is to be the UAV operator yourself and use mortars. There is no rule against the UAV operator using mortars as long as the UAV operator is actively using a majority of the UAV resources. A spotter is helpful to adjust the position of rounds fired, but it is not required, all of the information can be accurately gathered from the map.

When you open the Arma map you get a 6 digit grip coordinate at the cursor position. To get additional digits (accuracy) I turn myself north or south to line up my compass on the map, then zoom the map until the hash marks on the compass line up with the vertical map lines. ... AB07F79CE/ Each of the major hash marks separates the grip into 10 equal parts giving yourself one additional grid number. Do the same thing turning yourself east or west and line up on the horizontal grid. An 8 digit coordinate get you 10-meter accuracy. You can add one more digit of accuracy with the Artillery Computer App, you just need to add a decimal prior to the last digit, this will give you accuracy to 1 meter.

To get the altitude of the target, place the cursor on the target location and record the number under the grip coordinates at the cursor, that is the altitude at the location of the cursor. In the picture the altitude was 28m

I will make a video (unless someone else would like to make the video for NAK Tac volunteer hours) to help players understand and use the Artillery Computer App.

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July 10th, 2019, 2:17 pm

Wow, this is... Vile... Thank you! Im trying this first chance I get. Sound VERY practical procedure! Did you try to engage live targets in AOs? How much time did it take you to set up for target once you knew what to shoot at? Would it be practical for use on the servers with all the infantry running about?

EDIT: I can try to make a tutorial once I get accustomed with the app and procedures if you want?
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