Denied (1 day) - Theda - Ban Appeal - Hey, I feel like I was banned too quickly, when it could of been fixed.

1. Exact in-game name. (Yes, we will know if you attempted to change your name, all aliases are bound to your steam account, so give us all of your aliases)
2. Player Steam profile copy here (ex: STEAM NAME/)
3. Screenshot, or word for word the ban message given upon entering.
4. Name of the admin, and approximate time of ban and the server you were banned from.
5. Any explanation or justification. The reason the ban should be lifted.
Please note:
*All bans are reviewed on a case by case basis.
*The banning admin and head admins have the final say on whether or not a ban should or shouldn’t be modified.
*Admins and players, can be used as witnesses to make statements for or against the ban modification.
*Any bans regarding hacking, cheating, and or code manipulation/ game engine manipulation will not be lifted. We check logs daily and do offline bans as well.
*Racist, sexist and xenophobic remarks will not be lifted, this indicates the attitude of the player, ability to work as a team, and potential toxicity.
*Lying in your appeal, is cause alone for a ban not to be lifted and may be cause for a ban to be extended, this indicates the integrity of the player and the trust among other players.
*The owner of the account is responsible for all actions taken on the account. There is no way for us to identify the individual behind the account, therefore a ban will not be lifted because someone else was using your account.

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December 24th, 2018, 12:08 am

1. Exact in game name: Theda
2. Player Steam profile copy here:
3. Screenshot, or word for word the ban message given upon entering. ... 24FE5C220B
4. Name of the admin, and approximate time of ban and the server you were banned from: Vile Ace, and it was at 11:47pm Today (December 24), and it was from the Altis server
5. Any explanation or justification. Reason the ban should be lifted:First off, I was more focused on gunning for a kajman that was being piloted by fruit loop, and teamspeak didn't notify me of his direct messages to me. imo, he should of said something in side chat to get my attention, where I would of been paying attention due to fruit not using his mic, basically, I feel like the ban was too harsh as he didn't try to get my attention in-game before banning me for "ignoring an admin in Ts"

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December 24th, 2018, 10:28 am

You are lucky that your ban is not permanent. Below is the instigation of your ban:
At 12:39 AM in Side channel you tell a player "Please swap out of pilot slot or join the teamspeak"
That is not your job to tell players that at all that is an admins job and we have permanently banned players for similar in the past
You continue to interrogate the player.
12:39 AM(Side) theda: I dont see your name in it
12:40 AM(Side) theda: What was the admin's name?

at 12:41 I dragged you out of the pilots channel into the help room and told you to stop, and informed you of the rules about what to do with players not in TeamSpeak, and told you to stop interacting with the player. I received no response. Right then you could have been banned, but I was in a good mood.
then at 12:43 AM in Side channel you ignored what I said in TeamSpeak and continued to interact with the player: "Yuri, its the damn rules."
At which time I poked you twice in TeamSpeak,
<00:45:20> You poked "Theda" with message: did you here me in TS
<00:46:42> You poked "Theda" with message: respond now or be banned

Failing to get a response you were banned for one day.

Your lesson from this:
The whole point to have pilots in TeamSpeak is so that the admins can communicate with the pilots. If you are going to ignore TS do not be a pilot. Second. It is not your job to tell the players what to do or to interrogate them about what admin allowed them to do something or not. You may, inform the player of the rule and nothing more (you may not say that the need to leave the slot, nor what may happen if they do not follow the rules) If anything else needs to be dome call an admin. If an admin does not respond, you may use the forums to report the player for rule violations.

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