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Reduced Time Served - Apex135 Perm Ban Appeal

Posted: September 10th, 2019, 1:53 pm
by Apex135
1. Exact in game name. (Yes, we will know if you attempted to change your name, all aliases are bound to your steam account, so give us all of your aliases) Apex135
2. Player Steam profile copy here (ex: STEAM NAME/) ... 42849/home

3. Screenshot, or word for word the ban message given upon entering.
You were kicked off the game.(Battleye: Admin kick
(Banned Rule #4 for Perm - Expires Perm. By VileAce
[Admin}. Grie))
4. Name of the admin, and approximate time of ban and the server you were banned from. 02/23/2019 10:13 PM to 02/24/2019 1:13 AM - Banned Rule #11 for 3h - expires 02/24/2019 1:13 AM. By G0lden. All pilot, UAV and ATC roles are required to be on TeamSpeak. 7M remaining.
Atlis Server
5. Any explanation or justification. The reason the ban should be lifted.
I was perm banned due to multiple bans because of my lack of knowledge about TeamSpeak and Arma its self. This was one of the first servers I joined when I started playing Arma and I had never used Team Speak which is why I was never in the chat which resulted in my ban. I know that I should have read the rules I agreed to but I did not. Now I do know about Team Speak and I make sure im always in the chat for when I take a pilot role. The final kick which caused my perm ban was due to team killing and then leaving. I have always been flying planes so I believe this was due to an accidental ordinance drop of some sort but I don't remember the situation explicitly. I feel that I know what I did incorrectly and if im unbanned ill do my best to make sure these things don't happen or they are taken care of immediately if it was an accident.
Thanks for your time.

Please note:
*All bans are reviewed on a case by case basis.
*The banning admin and head admins have the final say on whether or not a ban should or shouldn’t be modified.
*Admins and players, can be used as witnesses to make statements for or against the ban modification.
*Any bans regarding hacking, cheating, and or code manipulation/ game engine manipulation will not be lifted. We check logs daily and do offline bans as well.
*Racist, sexist and xenophobic remarks will not be lifted, this indicates the attitude of the player, ability to work as a team, and potential toxicity.
*Lying in your appeal, is cause alone for a ban not to be lifted and may be cause for a ban to be extended, this indicates the integrity of the player, and the trust among other players.

Re: Reduced Time Served - Apex135 Perm Ban Appeal

Posted: September 10th, 2019, 2:54 pm
by VileAce
The ban has been lifted, adjusted to time served. Any additional bans in the next 90 days will be a permanent ban.