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September 17th, 2018, 8:44 pm

Over the past few weeks, I have had mostly a good experience when playing on the Altis server. However, I joined the TS for air combat and have noticed that one of the admins must really be upset about something. He pulled me into a side chat room to inform me that my microphone was picking up background noise. So in corrective action i was suppose to change my speak setting to PTT instead of Voice activated chat. I understand that this is my error and should've been accounted for. it is the fact that he pulled me into a side chat where i was unable to communicate with any other ground forces to identify any threats in the area quickly resulting my death, But the main issue is that he was a very snarky, up tight, overly rude and generally unpleasant person to speak to. he also banned me from the server and the comment was as follows:
"you are banned temporarily. Reason: "complaining about me telling him his keyclicks were coming thru TS"

It was his Tone that upset me not the fact that he told me that i was providing background noise. I am not seeking for admin rights to be taken away, I just want to have the ban removed and corrective action take place on his part.

Admin name: Vgerdj

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September 17th, 2018, 9:22 pm

Thank you for the information, I have spoken to vgerdj. Pulling you into another channel is the correct thing for the admin to do, we have changed the reason/explanation of the ban to follow our guidelines, but the ban will remain for one day because you did in fact break the server rules. The reason for the ban was because you came into the channel after speaking to the admin and were complaining to the players. Those players alerted the admins because they did not want to hear your complaining.

"Respect all Admin’s and members.
The channel Admin has the responsibility for the channel/server. If you have problems, contact the Admin. Do not argue with the Admin about your punishment in open Channel. If you would like to speak to and Admin please do so in the Admins private channel or the “Waiting for Support” channel.
This page does not cover all the rules; only the basic ones. If an Admin finds an unfitting behavior he will moderate it accordingly."

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