Battleeye Script Restriction #58

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October 9th, 2019, 1:45 pm

This is not an approved mod. Please remember, not just you but anyone reading this,
RULE #16) No Unapproved Mods
First Offense: Based on severity, up to a permanent ban.

NAK has a list of mods that are allowed on the server, you can find that list at We generally will not ban a player for a minor violation, but using any mod a reasonable person would consider cheating will be considered a violation of this rule. These include but are not limited to invisibility, no clipping, teleport, unrestricted vehicle spawn, unlimited ammo and god mode. If you receive a script restriction when connecting to the server, you are using an unapproved mod.
We restrict mods for a reason. This specific mod, using the same code as in 'BWA3 Add', has a negative effect on performance server-wide. By using this mod you are causing a negative impact on performance for everyone. Please go through your mods and make sure that they are all on the approved list.

If there is a mod that you think should be allowed / restricted, you can complete a Mod Request form. After the form is submitted an Admin will review the request and forward it to the correct individual for action to be taken.

If you are looking for a specific scope, it may be possible that a NAK Developer could create a mod with just that scope in it for you, and we could remove the code that is the source of the issue.

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October 9th, 2019, 2:02 pm


Thanks you.
LInux is very user friendly. Its just selective who it's friends are.

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