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After event photos
All of the after event photos have been updated. You can view the photos in the NAK Tac forum. NAK Tac members are welcome to post to the forum, including photos or links to videos of NAK Tac events.


New NAK Tac mod collections
First, the NAK Tac Basic collection has been updated. You will want to download the new mods before the next event.
Next, a new collection of optional mods, NAK Tac Optional has been created. This collection contains mods that will be allowed but are not required. This collection contains mods like, Enhanced Movement, JSRS, Blastcore, ShackTac and more. Feel free to experiment with the mods.
Lastly, a collection maps aptly titled NAK Tac Map Pack, has been created for events in which a new map is required. It is not necessary to download all of the mods in the map collection, only a single map will be needed at one time, we will announce prior to an event if a specific map is needed.
Scheduled Events
NAK Tac events are held Tuesdays at 8:00pm eastern time and alternating Fridays and Saturdays. Friday events at held at 8:00pm eastern time, Saturday events are held at 5:00pm eastern time. These events are closed events, open to members of NAK Tac only, unless otherwise noted. If you would like to become a member of NAK Tac, see the “Apply for NAK Tac” section below. If you are a member of NAK Tac the event schedule is in the Steam NAK Tac group page. Make sure that you have the full collection of mods for NAK tac events.
Apply for NAK Tac
We are accepting applications for new members to NAK Tac. It is highly recommended that you have a referral from an existing member but it is not required. To apply for NAK Tac, complete the NAK Tac application. If you considered applying for NAK Tac in the past, but did not because you were not able to attend the required number of event, or you did not because you did not like having to play a specific role for 6 months at a time, consider applying now.
At this point the NAK Tac event are run similar to any other Zeus event, except it is limited to NAK Tac members, so you know the players are there to play a truly cooperative mission, and second we utilize ACE3 and TFAR to enhance the Arma 3 realism.
NAK Tac Training Document
NAK Tac has a training document for any player that may need help is one of the areas of tactical play.  This document is not all encompassing, but it is intended to make sure all players are at the same level, in regard to keys areas of team based play. The full document can be accessed here. If you find corrections that need to be made you can access the source document and enter comments.  Anyone that finds an error in the content will receive 5 hours towards their next rank.
The document was made with our previous organization structure in mind, but most of the information is still relevant. The document covers:
  • NAK Tactical Company Structure.
  • Basics of squad based cooperative play.
  • Your role as a Rifleman.
  • Buddy teams and your responsibilities to your buddy.
  • A complete understanding of fire discipline.
  • Fireteam formations and player movement.
  • Basic Medical treatment and wound management.
  • Communication with other members of your Fireteam and Squad.
  • Map topology and grid coordinates.
  • and much more…
New NAK Tac logo
NAK Squad would like to introduce the new logo/patch for NAK Tactical along with the associated TeamSpeak tag. The TeamSpeak tag will be added to all members of NAK Tac. If you need the NAK Tac tag in TeamSpeak, poke VileAce or send a private message.
Previous Events
Past after action photos and comments on the missions can be found in the NAK Tac After Action forum
Visit our YouTube Channel for Videos of NAK Tac events and more.NAK Squad YouTube