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What mods can we use on the servers?

For the NAK Squad Invade and Annex and Zeus servers we have a list of specifically allowed mods as well as a list of generally restricted types of mods. The list can be viewed here. Only approved mods are allowed, all other mods are restricted. If you have a question about whether a mod is allowed, please make sure to ask an Admin.

What mods are required?

The general answer is none. On the Invade and Annex and Zeus servers, there are no required mods. There may be situations where a special event may be held on a server, if that is the case, information about the mods required and allowed will be posted on the homepage.

Are there any mods that you recommend?

NAK Squad does recommend CBA_A3 which can be found on the Steam Workshop. CBA_A3 is utilized by a couple of scripts on our servers. We always offer an alternative if you do not have CBA_A3, but it does make things like changing your view distance easier.

Other popular mods include:
Why is there so much lag and low FPS on NAK Squad servers and how can I fix it?
 The answer is multifaceted. We will list them in order of importance. 
A1. No Logs The most important change to your ARMA settings that you can make when playing on NAK Squad servers is enabling “No Logs”. On the NAK Squad servers we allow players to use potentially thousands of different mods. When Arma encounters an error, a script error or missing texture for example, ARMA writes that error to an RPT file (report log). On NAK Squad servers that allow players to use mods, you are going to get lots of errors. Every time that a player has a mod that you do not there is a chance that ARMA will write an error to the RPT file. This constant writing to the RPT file will slow your computer down. The error you get when you connect to the server and have to click “Close” is an example of this type of error. Even with “No Logs” enabled you will still see that first error. Be aware, this means no errors are saved to RPT file. In case of crash, the fault address block info is saved. Most users never look at the RPT file and if you do need to enable it for debugging it is a simple process to add it back.
You may not see an actual increase in FPS but the “rubber banding” and flickering will be much better!. When most players complain of low FPS on NAK Squad Servers this is the actual cause of the problem.
To enable “No Logs”:
  • Open Arma 3 which will start the Arma 3 launcher. In the launcher
  • Then select the ALL PARAMETERS tab
  • Scroll down to the “Advanced” section
  • Place a checkmark on the No Logs: option
A2. View Distance Is the next biggest improvement you can make. So many players have their view distance up way, way too high. To help understand the correct setting you first need to understand how Arma renders graphics. The “draw distance” is the distance objects are drawn as a diameter running through the player. Meaning your machine is rendering objects and graphics that are behind you and on angles you can’t see, unlike most games.
On all NAK Squad servers we have a view distance script that will help you optimize the view distance based on your specific situation. Our view distance script breaks down the standard single view distance option into three separate setting; On Foot, In Car and In Air. On NAK Squad servers we ignore the standard view distance in the display settings. To access the NAK Squad view distance settings, press CTRL + \, if you have the CBA_A3 mod or select “View Distance” from the action menu if you do not have the CBA_A3 mod.
Unless you are doing long range sniping greater than 1000m, then setting your On Foot View to 2000 – 2500 is ideal. You very rarely will need to engage anything farther than that. Now if you are typically a pilot you will want to make sure that your In Air view distance is between 3000 and 5000. You may want to pick the higher end of that distance if you generally fly fixed wing aircraft. Understand that the lower the view distance the better FPS you will get. Your In Car settings should be as low as you can reasonably make then but still drive at speed.
I do not fly very often, so I set my view distance for In Car and In Air to be the same as my On Foot settings. The settings are easy to change, so if I decide to pilot for a little while I can easily adjust the settings.
For objects setting I recommend setting sync mode to dynamic, which sets the object view distance to 80% of the total view distance. Objects in Arma are any object with destruction effects, PhysX or interaction abilities like buildings, vehicles or structures.
Terrain mode does affect FPS, but it has a minor effect. I recommend setting it to the lowest setting that you can live with. Most snipers take advantage of the ability to, in effect remove the grasses, by setting the terrain to “Low”.
A3. Mods Lets face it, Arma would not be Arma without the mods. If you aren’t modding Arma you are missing out on a lot of the fun. But running mods does comes at a cost and not all mods are created equal. It is important to run mods that are optimized as best as they can. Mods that have too high quality will kill frames. Mods that have lots of scripts running in the background will kill frames. Be very selective of the mods you run. Consider the reason that you are loading a mod and if you are even actually using it. A single mod can mean the difference between 35 and 45 fps. But let’s face it, some mods are worth the cost.

A4. SSD It makes a vast improvement in the performance of Arma to have the game and your mods installed on a SSD, preferably a single SSD. One of the biggest causes of low frame rate and in particular sudden dips or stuttering frames is the resources required to load the textures. With SSDs being faster than mechanical hard drives you won’t notice an FPS increase so to speak but you will isolate and remove FPS dips and stuttering you see in the game.

If you don’t have a SSD, make sure you regularly DEFRAG your HDD to keep it running as optimally as possible.

A5. Graphic Settings Although this is not specific to NAK Squad servers, it makes sense to include it here. Everything under GENERAL in your graphic settings is largely taken care of by your CPU and everything under AA & PP is taken care of by your GPU. One important thing to consider is you must balance both setting sections otherwise everything will be transferred and taken care of by your CPU which could result in less frames on LOW settings than on ULTRA.

If you have a good GPU with 2gb or above, like a GeForce 710 or a Radeon RX 560 you should have your AA & PP Turned all the way up to maximum or at least high settings. If you have a solid CPU you should have most settings on Very High or Ultra. Also understand Arma is about CPU speed not cores. A faster 4 core CPU will perform better than a 6 core slower CPU, so overclocking your CPU can get very positive results.
MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner Statistics Server are feel tools available for download that can be used to accurately monitor and display your FPS and more while in game. Another application that some players use is called Fraps, which also shows FPS while in game. Either of these tools can help tweak your settings. Remember to restart Arma anytime you make changes to your graphic settings, even if Arma does not require it.
Why was I kicked from the server with no warning?

In most cases it is due to an extremely high ping. Any players with a ping over 600 for 3 pollings, which are 5 – 15 seconds apart, will be kicked from the server. There is a message that is displayed in game, but because you have been kicked you are not able to see it. An extremely high ping rate does affect other players, which is why we kick in this instance.

You can also see the FAQ “Why do I get the error BattlEye not responding?”

Why won't the server let me connect with my profile name?

On our servers we do restrict the use of a few names. The most common are Administrator, Admin and Owner as these may be confused with the real server administrators. We also do not allow any name that might be obscene or offensive. We do offer a document that takes you through the steps to change your profile name if you might need some help. View the step by step document here or view the “How Do I Change My Profile Name?” FAQ.

Which vehicles can be taken to the AO?

The vehicles that players can not take to the AO or move away from the base are; any hemtt tow trucks, and ground vehicles on the carrier (if applicable), and any bobcats at any runway. Most vehicles that need to stay at the bases are marked in yellow on the map.

The bobcats, cheetahs, ammo hemtt, fuel hemtt, or repair hemtt from infantry HQ, vehicles spawn or rewards can be taken to the AO.

Please be aware, if an admin instructs you to do something, such as not to take a vehicle to the AO, follow the admin instructions. If you believe that the admin is wrong, or if you wish for clarification about the ruling, post a message in the forums and it will be answered. If the admin was incorrect it will be discussed with the admin.

What is Script Restriction #XX?

NAK Squad restricts mods on our servers in three ways. On our Tanoa and Zeus servers, we whitelist mods. Meaning when you connect to the server a script is run to compare your mods against the list of allowed mods. If you are using any mod, not on that whitelist, you will receive a message that you are using a restricted mod, and you are returned to the lobby. On Altis we blacklist mods, meaning when you connect to the server a script is run to compare your mods against the list of restricted mods. If you are running any of the restricted mods you will receive a message that you are using a restricted mod and you are returned to the lobby. This blacklist targets the more common mods that we choose to restrict. As an important side note, even though we choose to blacklist mods on the Altis server, only approved mods are allowed to be used. On all servers, we use script restrictions (and other types of restrictions) to catch any conditions that we absolutely do not what running on the servers. Because of the way that mods are checked on Altis, you are much more likely to receive a script restriction on that server.

Very few servers allow such a broad use of mods as NAK Squad does on our Invade and Annex servers. 99% of the time if you get a script restriction when connecting to the server or when you perform an action, it is related to a mod you are using, that is performing a restricted action. When we create a script restriction, we do not restrict a mod by name, or key, that is done with the whitelist or blacklist depending on the server. Script restrictions restrict what a mod does. With over 11,000 mods on Steam Workshop alone and new mods being released daily, it would be nearly impossible to restrict all mods by name. By restricting what a mod does, one restriction will very often restrict multiple mods. Because of this, it is difficult to impossible, to tell you which mod specifically is triggering a restriction (sometimes we do get hints as to which mod is triggering the restriction based on what is recorded in the logs, but not often).

The number that is associated with a script restriction is the line number, in the file, that maintains the restrictions. As we add new restrictions the numbering will change. The restriction that caused “script restriction #50” today could be “script restriction #63” tomorrow. Though we try to keep the restrictions between the servers similar, for convenience, for each server the numbering may be different.

There is a chance that a mod listed as approved, might cause a script restriction. This will generally happen if the mod has been updated and a new feature or item of the mod triggers a restriction. If this is the case, discontinue the use of the mod and submit a mod request form. The updated version of the mod will be reviewed and if the new feature or item is approved the script restrictions will be modified as needed. There is a small chance that a previously approved mod may become restricted.

Mods can be restricted for many reasons. The most common reason is a similar item does not exist in vanilla Arma. We do not want players that use mods to have an unfair advantage over players that do not. The second most common reason a mod is restricted is the use of the mod affects the performance of the server. Even though all the mods that we allow are client-side mods, some client-side mods negatively impact the performance of the server and therefore can not be allowed. When we approve a mod, we are not stating that the mod is a good one, or that it will run well with all other approved mods. We are only stating that the mod does not violate any of the guidelines that we have set for approving mods.

As mentioned previously, we have created a list of approved and restricted mods to help players know which mods they can use. Only approved mods are allowed. If you use a mod, that is not listed as approved, and you would like it to be allowed, you can submit a mod request form. Once submitted the mod is reviewed and either added as an allowed or restricted mod.

For general information this is what a script restriction looks like – 5 “vehicle player setdamage 1;” the 5 means the player will be kicked if the restriction is violated. the “vehicle player setdamage 1;” means any mod that tries to kill a player will trigger the restriction. If you are curious about the different types of restrictions and how they work there is a very good reference: A Guide to BattlEye Filters.

How do if fix being kicked for a Script Restriction?

First, it is recommended that you read the FAQ: What is Script Restriction #XX?. If after reading that FAQ you still need help you can follow the steps below.

Script Restrictions accrue when you connect to the servers with a non-approved mod.

To identify the mod causing the restriction:

    • Ensure that all of your mods loaded in your launcher correspond with our approved mods list. The approved mods list page has a search bar, to help search each of your loaded mods by name.
    • If you have gone through all of your mods by name and verified that they are all on the approved list, in your Arma 3 launcher and unload all mods then re-connect to our server. If successful, load each of your mods one by one and connect to the server until you encounter the script restriction.
        There is a chance that a mod listed as approved, might cause a script restriction. This will generally happen if the mod has been updated and a new feature or item of the mod triggers a restriction. If this is the case, discontinue the use of the mod and submit a

mod request form

    • . The updated version of the mod will be reviewed and if the new feature or item is approved the script restrictions will be modified as needed. There is a small chance that a previously approved mod may become restricted.
  • If you are unable to find the source of your script restriction, either you still get a script restriction with no mods loaded, or all of your mods are on the approved list, you can join our Teamspeak server and speak to one of our Admins or leave your contact information and restriction data on our General Feedback forum.
How can I check what teamspeak rank I should be or how many hours I have on NAK?

The servers have an automated message that gets sent to the player that will tell you what TeamSpeak rank you have earned, this message will show a few minutes after you join one of the servers. However, if you wish to check your hours yourself then the server uses a website called Battlemetrics which tracks everyone’s playtime. It’s pretty simple; to find your hours on any of the servers follow these links to the respective servers:


When on that site you can type in your name or steam ID (can be found two ways: Option 1 Access your Steam Community Profile URL in any web browser and at the end of the URL add ‘?xml=1’ without quotations and press Enter. The web page will change; search for ” and copy the number immediately following. Option 2 Use ) into the “player name” category and search for the one that matches. When using your steam ID you are much more likely to find your own profile since your steam ID is unique. If your name contains a space it is also recommended that you surround your name with quotes since that will make the search feature find that exact phrase. You can filter by first seen(When you joined the server), last seen(When you were last in the server) and relevance(Whichever one matches what you typed the most) Then you can either click on your name to get a bit more info or just look at the “time played” portion within the search results. With that, you can add up your time on all three servers in order to get a total time played on NAK.

What rank do I qualify for within NAK?
There are multiple ranking systems within NAK:
Teamspeak rank

Your TeamSpeak rank relates to hours played on all of NAK servers combined. In order to be assigned a TeamSpeak rank you just need to join the NAK squad TeamSpeak server( just make sure your name in TeamSpeak matches the name you use in-game and an admin can easily check what rank you are at and assign it to you. There is an in-game message a few minutes after you join that will tell you what rank you can be given in the TeamSpeak, so look out for that message or refer to the FAQ on how to check hours to see what rank you should be! Everyone starts out as a Private(PVT) and can go all the way up to Sergeant Major(SGM) with enough hours(and a few other qualifying factors for the last two ranks) TeamSpeak ranks don’t come with any extra perks necessarily, but they can be worn within our TeamSpeak server as a badge of honor showing your experience within NAK. You can find all the hours and requirements for each rank within various TeamSpeak channels such as the information channel or the descriptions of the Altis primary channel, however, I will also list them here for ease of access.

TeamSpeak Ranks


  • Private (PVT): Assigned upon joining – 20 Hours
  • Private First Class (PFC): Assigned between 21-40 Hours
  • Specialist (SPC): Assigned between 41-60 Hours
  • Corporal (CPL): Assigned between 61-80 Hours
  • Sergeant (SGT): Assigned between 81 – 160 Hours
  • Staff Sergeant (SSGT): Assigned between 161 – 320 Hours
  • Sergeant First Class (SFC): Assigned between 321 – 560 Hours
  • Master Sergeant (MSGT): Assigned between 561 – 960 Hours. Along with the hours, you must have one of the following TeamSpeak tags – Bug Hunter, War Correspondent, Zeus, NAK Tac, NAK Elite, Player of the Month or NAK Tac Player of the Month tags
  • Sergeant Major (SGM): Assigned between 961 Hours. Along with the hours, you must have one of the following TeamSpeak tags – NAK Elite, Player of the Month or NAK Tac Player of the Month tags


  • 2nd LT: Accepted as an Admin and completion of Admin Training.
  • 1st Lt: Completion of Admin Training, at least 1 month of “service” as a 2nd Lieutenant and recommendation from Admin Trainer.
  • Capt: A Captain is expected to work fully independently and may have Lieutenants reporting to them. Requirements for promotion include: completion of the training required for the previous ranks; at least 3 months of “service” as a 1st Lieutenant; selection of a department specialty; has the desire and ability to take on additional administrative tasks and responsibilities; and has a recommendation from a Chief of Staff.
  • Maj: A Major is expected to run a Department within NAK Squad and report directly to a Chief of Staff. Requirements for promotion include: completion of the training required for the previous ranks; at least 6 months of “service” as a Captain; has demonstrated the ability to led; has successfully completed tasks assigned to them as a Capt; has the desire and ability to take on additional administrative tasks and responsibilities; has the ability to led one of the Departments within NAK Squad; has approval from the Chiefs of Staff or Col.
  • Lt Col: Lt Col. is considered a Chief of Staff and may have one or more Admins of any rank reporting to them. A Chief of Staff is responsible for one of the core operational areas (See the list below) of NAK Squad. Requirements for promotion include: a vacancy in the Chief of Staffs; at least 6 months of “service” as a Major; has demonstrated the ability to led; has successfully completed tasks assigned to them as a Major; has the desire and ability to take on additional administrative tasks and responsibilities; has the ability to led one of the core operational areas (See list below) within NAK Squad, and has the approval from the Chiefs of Staff and Col.
  • Col Colonel is the Commander and Chief and has the final say in all operations related to NAK Squad. This position can not be obtained by promotion only through an appointment.
The NAK In-game rank
NAK Squad is now providing a rank system in-game to help you monitor your achievements on NAK servers. This rank system is different from the rank system in TeamSpeak, based on hours. The in-game system is based on points for actions completed, such as eliminating enemy vehicles and personnel, completing missions, healing your teammates and more. Below are the ranks and the points required to earn those ranks. The points are maintained between server sessions, so you will maintain your points when you return.
Reviving unconscious teammate
+5 points
When players complete a side mission
+5 points
All players within 1500m from the center of AO when completed
+10 points
Eliminating enemy vehicles and personnel
Transporting players as a pilot
+5 points per player
Using a transport vehicle to and from AO’s
+20 points
Team killing
-5 points
More points to come!
  • Recruit: 0-300 pts
  • Private: 301-500 pts
  • Private First Class: 501-1000 pts
  • Specialist: 1001-4000 pts
  • Corporal: 4001 – 10600 pts
  • Sergeant: 10601 – 28800 pts
  • Staff Sergeant: 28801 – 36000 pts
  • Sergeant First Class: 36001 – 43200 pts
  • Master Sergeant: 43201 – 50400 pts
  • First Sergeant: 50401 – 61200 pts
  • Sergeant Major: 61201 – 72000 pts
  • Command Sergeant Major: 72001 – 86400 pts
  • Sergeant Major of the Army: 86401 – 104400 pts
  • Second Lieutenant: 104401 – 126000 pts
  • First Lieutenant: 126001 – 151200 pts
  • Captain: 151201 – 180000 pts
  • Major: 180001 – 216000 pts
  • Lieutenant Colonel: 216001 – 259200 pts
  • Colonel: 259201 – 309600 pts
  • Brigadier General: 309601 – 370800 pts
  • Major General: 370801 – 442800 pts
  • Lieutenant General: 529201 – 529200 pts
  • General: 442801 – 633600 pts
  • General of the Army: 633601 – 759600 pts
  • NAK Squad General: 759601 – oo pts
In-game ArmA Rank: This rank is shown on the map screen and in essence it means nothing, it doesn’t relate to anything and can be ignored.
Why do I get the error BattlEye not responding?

Unfortunately, this is a known issue/bug with BattlEye. We have outline something you can try, but it is recommended that you wait and allow the server to restart or allow BattlEye to re-establish the connection with the client/server. You can attempt to reconnect every hour or just after the scheduled server restart. Server restart times are documented on TeamSpeak in the description of all game server channels.The steps below will fix the error if you actually have a problem with your BattlEye installation, but 90% of the time there is no error, it is a connection issue between you and BattlEye or the server and BattlEye, and the steps below will not fix that.

First, we need to uninstall BattlEye

BattlEye files are stored in 3 locations: The Steam Arma 3 Folder; Appdata; and Program Files

Each of these locations could be different depending on your specific installation so below are instructions to find the correct files. Please follow the instructions and complete each step in order.

  • Open Steam.
  • Once Steam is open go to ‘View > Library‘.
  • Find ‘Arma’ 3 in your games list.
  • Right-click on Arma 3 and select ‘Properties‘.
  • From the properties tab select ‘LOCAL FILES‘.
  • In the ‘LOCAL FILES‘ tab select ‘BROWSE LOCAL FILES‘.
  • This will open your Arma 3 install folder in ‘File Explorer‘.
  • Open the BattlEye folder and run the file ‘Uninstall_BattlEye.bat‘.
  • Click Yes to remove the BattlEye service.
  • Once complete move up one folder to the ‘Arma 3’ directory and delete the ‘BattlEye’ Folder (Left-click the folder then press the ‘Delete’ key).

Next, in the address bar of File Explorer type ‘%LocalAppdata%\Arma 3’.
In your …\AppData\Local\Arma 3 folder left-click the BattlEye folder then press the ‘Delete’ key.

Last in the address bar of File Explorer type ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye’.
Left Click ‘BEService_arma3.exe’ and press the ‘Delete’ key.

Now restart your computer.
Once restarted open Steam.
Once Steam is open go to ‘View>Library‘.
Find ‘Arma’ 3 in your games list.
Right click on Arma 3 and select ‘Properties‘.
From the properties tab select ‘LOCAL FILES‘.
This verification should take a few minutes once done BattlEye will be reinstalled.


  • Open File Explorer
  • In the address bar of File Explorer type ‘%LocalAppdata%\Arma 3\MPMissionsCache’.
  • Select all of the files with CTRL+A then press the ‘Delete’ key (This deleted any cached mission files that might be corrupt.)

Now start Arma 3 and cross your fingers (very important).

If these steps don’t work, then the server you’re trying to join needs to do a restart (unfortunately we can not restart the server off schedule to fix the issue you are having).

How can I become NAK Elite?

The NAK Elite Unit is by invitation only. We offer this prestige to a select few. At this time, every month the Admins select three (3) players that embody NAK standards to join the NAK Elite. See the NAK Elite Units page for more details. We also offer NAK Elite giveaways, that generally run the last week of a month, so keep an eye on the web site for any details.

What is the NAK Pad, what purpose does the point system have, and how do I use the points?

The point system offers a way to track your in-game rank as well as gives you access to the NAK Pad shop located in the player menu on our Altis sever. For a list of the available ranks in-game, the number of points needed for each rank and the different ways to receive theses points please take a look at the “What rank do I qualify for within NAK?” FAQ.

Player menu (NAK Pad)

The NAK Pad can be accessed from the ‘Player Menu’. The ‘Player Menu’ can be often accessed from the ‘Action Menu’ (scroll wheel by default) or by hitting the ‘ESC’ escape key and selecting the ‘Player Menu’. After selecting ‘Player Menu’ the NAK pad will open and ‘Start-Up’. Within the NAK Pad, you will see:

  • Player stats- A list of statistics including kill, deaths, and revives.
  • Rules- A list of NAK’s in-game and TeamSpeak rules.
  • Links to NAK’s FAQ page, allowed mods page, website, donor form, TeamSpeak help page, and Altis feedback forum.
  • Player settings- Ability to change the color and distance of the hex markers for friendlies as well as your halo drop height and recoil and sway preferences.
  • Shop
    From the NAK Shop, you can purchase various advantages to help you with the game. The cost of each item shows when you pass the mouse over the item. Points are earned by completing tasks in the missions and more. Each of the Shop purchases does have a cool-down period. Each player can only have one airdrop at one time. If you order a new airdrop the previous one will despawn.Sector Scan- Spots all enemies for only you within a sector, that you select, for a short amount of time.AI Revive- Sends a civilian medic to attempt to revive you, the AI can be killed so be sure you are secure before using. AI Revive will restore your health to 100%.Auto Revive- Auto Revive will automatically heal you to 100%. If you are surrounded or in a dangerous area, this is a better option than AI Revive but at a higher cost.Supply Drop- A selection of airdrops of vanilla weapons, launchers, ammo for weapons, or ammo for launchers.Static Weapon Drop- A selection of static weapons to airdrop on your location, including multiple Mk30 .50 caliber heavy machine guns and 3 variants of the Mk32 grenade launcher that have high-explosive dual-purpose (HEDP) rounds.Arsenal- A full arsenal airdrop, one-time use only.
How do I change my profile name?
Changing your profile name
By default, ArmA 3 will set your profile name to match your machine’s username, e.g. if your machine username is “Administrator”, your initial ArmA 3 username will also be that. There are many reasons to want to change your default ArmA 3 profile name; In some cases, your name may be restricted by the server or you do not want players to have your real name for security reasons. In any case, it is a very good idea to create a new profile name. If you are new to ArmA 3 and have not made any changes to your default settings and keybindings then the process is simple. If you have made changes and want to make sure those changes are carried over to your new profile, there are a couple of extra steps. Those extra steps are highlighted below. ArmA 3 does not allow changing the name of your initial profile so you will need to create a new profile.

To create a new profile:

1. On the top right of the main menu of ArmA 3, click the Profile icon next to the Exit icon, followed by the current profile name (the example here uses the name VileAce).

2. The”PROFILE” windows will open. As mentioned before, you cannot delete or edit your default profile. To add a new profile, click “NEW” ⇨ Enter your desired username in the “PLAYER NAME” field ⇨ Configure your character to your preferred settings. ⇨ Click “APPLY” ⇨ Click OK.

Keep keybindings with the new profile:

Steps 3, 4, 5 and 6 will only be needed if you wish to carry over your settings and keybindings to your new profile.

3. Stop ArmA 3. Make sure the game and the launcher are both closed.

4. Open File Explorer (Windows Key + R on the open field type “Explorer”), select Documents then select the ”Arma 3” folder. You should see a file named “PROFILENAME.Arma3Profile”, and another named “PROFILENAME.vars.Arma3Profile” where PROFILENAME is the name of your default ArmA 3 profile.

5. Copy those two files (highlight the files and press CTRL + C), and navigate back to your Documents folder. Open the “Arma 3 – Other Profiles” folder. Choose the folder name with the name of the new profile you just created. Look at the two files in the directory and make note of the file names. You will notice that the names are very similar to the ones you just copied, only the PROFILENAME section is different. Now delete the two existing files “PROFILENAME.Arma3Profile”, “PROFILENAME.vars.Arma3Profile” where PROFILENAME is the name of your new ArmA 3 profile. (highlight the files and press DELETE) and paste the ones you copied (CTRL + V).

6. Now rename the two files you just pasted into the folder (Right Click the first file and select “Rename”). Only the PROFILENAME section of the file needs to be replaced with your new profile name. Leave the rest of the file name as is. Replace the PROFILENAME section of the second file with your new profile name. Leave the rest of the file name as is. Now start ArmA 3.

7. Select your new profile from the Profile menu if it is not already selected.

How do I install TeamSpeak

NAK Squad provides a detailed instructional document that includes how to install TeamSpeak, how to change your nickname, how to get help from an admin, and more.  Follow the link to view and download the PDF.