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NAK Squad 300X300 72dpi

NAK Squad 300X300 300dpi

NAK Squad 1200X1200 300dpi

NAK Command 300X300 72dpi

NAK Command 300X300 300dpi

NAK Command 1200X1200 300dpi

NAK Zeus 300X300 72dpi

NAK Zeus 300X300 300dpi

NAK Zeus 1200X1200 300dpi

NAK Elite 300X300 72dpi

NAK Elite 300X300 300dpi

NAK Elite 1200X1200 300dpi

NAK Donor 300X300 72dpi

NAK Donor 300X300 300dpi

NAK Donor 1200X1200 300dpi

NAK Tac 300X300 72dpi

NAK Tac 300X300 300dpi

NAK Tac 1200X1200 300dpi


NAK Squad Flag – White

NAK Squad Flag – Dark

NAK Donor Flag – White

NAK Donor Flag – Blue

NAK Cmd. Flag – White

NAK Cmd. Flag – Dark

NAK Zeus Flag – White

NAK Zeus Flag – Yellow

NAK Tac Flag – White

NAK Tac Flag – Dark

NAK Elite Flag – White

NAK Elite Flag – Dark

Fonts and Colors

Large TitlesAlfa Slab One
Common TextRoboto

NAK Squad Logo primary colors
#999999 – Med Grey
#f1f0f1 – Very Light Grey
#735945 – Brown
#7f7f7f – Med Dark Grey
#2b2c2c – Almost Black

NAK Donor Logo primary colors
#f1d970 – Yellow
#123b63 – Blue
#8a6c4e – Brown
#2b2c2c – Almost Black

NAK Elite Logo primary colors
#8a6c4e – Brown
#f4efe2 – Cream
#f1d970 – Yellow
#503e37 – Very Dark Brown

NAK Command Logo primary colors
#f1d970 – Yellow
#ab2b2c – Dark Red
#2b2c2c – Almost Black

NAK Zeus Logo primary colors
#1a202d – Very Dark Blue
#d50f16 – Red
#fce253 – Yellow
#db9b21 – Orange

NAK Tac Logo primary colors
#5a613f – Olive Green
#f9d52f – Gold Lettering
#dac496 – Tan
#7a491f – Brown
#2b2c2c – Almost Black