Liberation Command

NAK Squad
The Liberation server requires an individual to be in the command role for the server to operate effectively. Currently, all NAK Elite are approved for the command role. We would like to offer individuals with Liberation experience the opportunity to request access to the command role.  To be considered for access to the command role read the requirements and rules, then submit the form below. 
  • Minimum of 40 hours on NAK Servers (Rank of Specialist in TeamSpeak)
  • At least 15 hours of Liberation experience.
  • Website account with valid email on record.
  • No bans within 90 days
All commanders, including NAK Elite, must follow the following rules.
  • Manage resources so that the mission can continue to completion. Meaning do not waste resources or spend all resources without logistics in place for continued resource production.
  • Only NAK Elite and approve commanders should have all permission granted in the permission selection screen. The commander may assign permission to individual players, but those permissions should be removed before the commander exits the game. The default permission should remain at all times (Light Vehicles and Other).
  • The player must be in TeamSpeak to take the command role.
  • Keep in mind that the command role is a shared role, make sure to play the mission and design the base with other players and commanders in mind.
Failure to follow these rules may cause your command ability removed or be banned from the server.
Liberation Command Request
Use can use tools like or to get your SteamID64.