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NAK Elite November 2022

Each month, NAK Command invites members of the community, that embody the NAK ideals, to join NAK Elite. All members of NAK Elite are expected to:

  • Help other players. The only way to make our community grow and become stronger is to make all players feel welcome and enjoy their experience on NAK servers.
  • Have self-discipline. It is important that NAK Elite and those wanting to become NAK Elite follow the rules of the community.
  • Have Integrity. Becoming NAK Elite is one of the first steps to becoming more involved with the NAK community. It is important that everyone feels that you are honest, fair, and are of good character.
  • Report bugs or issues with our servers. NAK Command makes every effort to make sure that the servers run smoothly, but sometimes they don’t work as expected. By reporting bugs or issues with the servers, you are helping make NAK a better place.

This month’s NAK community member(s) to receive an invitation to NAK Elite are:

Josh, SnaggedBullet and stryker

If you wish to qualify for NAK Elite, these standards must be followed, reporting bugs or issues, having a website account, and having minimum 50 hours on any of our servers. If you think you have what it takes, you can complete our NAK Elite Open Registration form.

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