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NAK Elite

Open Registration

NAK Elite is normally available via invitation only.  Each month the NAK admins select three players that embody NAK standards to join NAK Elite. To select players for consideration to receive a NAK Elite, the admins watch the server chat, monitor Teamspeak communications, and observe general server activity looking for players that promote the community, help other players, display integrity and have self-discipline.  For more information on what we look for in selecting a player for NAK Elite, view the NAK Elite section of the Our Units page.

When an admin finds a player that they feel deserves NAK Elite, they make a note in the players’ record. Each month when the new NAK Elites are being selected we review the comments left by admins and make our selection.  With such a large number of players on the NAK servers, it is possible that we have failed to identify players that should be included for consideration for NAK Elite.

We are giving anyone that wishes an opportunity to tell us why they deserve NAK Elite.  The following instructions must be followed exactly in order to be considered.

  • Do not submit the form unless you are currently logged into the website.  If you are logged in, the name field will be filled in.
  • All fields must be filled in completely and accurately.  If the information entered is not correct your application will not be considered.
    • You must have a NAK Squad website account, you must be a member of the ARMA 3 NAK Steam group, and you must be currently subscribed to the NAK YouTube Channel.
  • Any players with bans within 90 days or kicks within 30 days will not be considered.

This is not a drawing, and there is no guarantee that any players from this open registration will be selected.  This is just a way for you, as a player to say, “I think I deserve NAK Elite”.