NAK Full Tactical Unit

NAK Full Tactical Unit Application


  • Minimum age requirement is 17 years old. (No Exceptions.)
  • Must have at least 20 hours on NAK Squad public servers.
  • Must have TeamSpeak 3 with working mic and speakers or headset.
  • Must have legal copy of  ArmA 3 and ArmA 3: Apex installed.
  • Speak English - English does not have to be your first language.
  • No BattlEye bans.
  • Maturity and common decency.
Please read and understand our definition of Full Tactical before applying, it is slightly different than other MilSim groups.
The NAK Full Tactical Unit is a serious tactical group. We use squad based tactics to accomplish the objective at hand.
Although our ranks are similar to that of standard military, our structure and ranks are unique to NAK Tac.
NAK Tac is not a "role playing" group nor are we a a military simulation.
As one might expect, we hold ourselves to a certain level of maturity, and try to practice professionalism in every operation we carry out.
For complete details about the NAK Unit structure, ranks, career options and promotion requirements view NAK Full Tactical Overview.
In Game Name:*
Steam User Name:*
  1. Access your Steam Community Profile URL in any web browser,
  2. At the end of the URL add “/?xml=1” without quotations and press Enter.
  3. The web page will change; you need to take note of the number starting with a 7 after "steamID64".
Date of Birth*

All members of NAK Tac must be at least 17 years old, no exceptions.

Time Zone:*
Prior MilSim Experience:*
Current Member of MilSim Unit:*
If you have prior MilSim experience, which unit?
If you have prior unit experience, why did you stop?
Prior Military Experience:*
Current Rank: (As recorded on the NAK TeamSpeak server)
What Is Your Current ArmA 3 Level of Experience:*
Which ArmA 3 DLC's Do You Own:*
Number of Hours in ArmA 3:*
Given your ArmA skills, what do you feel you will bring to this community?
Given your abilities outside of ArmA 3, such as Photoshop, video editing, website development, programming etc., what can you bring to the community?
Provide any other information that might help us decide which role would be appropriate for you:
Where did you hear about the NAK unit?
Name of person that referred you (If Any):

Applications without a referral will take more time to approve.