NAK Units


NAK Command
NAK Command are the leaders of the NAK Community. NAK Command exist to keep the servers running, provide order and enforce the rules when necessary.
The role of the Admin is to promote the community with their actions and behavior. Players should look to Admins as examples of what is expected. Help new players, encourage cooperation, and strive to make NAK Squad an enjoyable place to play.
Being a member of NAK Command is a privilege.

NAK Elite
The NAK Elite Unit is by invitation only. We offer this prestige to a select few. Every month we are select three (3) players of our public servers to join the NAK Elite. In previous months we have offered NAK Elite giveaways, so keep an eye on the web site for any details.
The primary purpose of NAK Elite is to recognise NAK community members who make our community grow and become stronger by making all players feel welcome and enjoy their experience on NAK servers.

NAK Donor
The NAK Donors are the true heroes of the NAK Community. They allow the the community to continue by helping to offset the cost associated with with NAK Squad. Every month it cost NAK Squad about $350 to pay for the software and servers needed to run the community. NAK Donors contribute their hard earned money and in return they get a invitation to join of NAK Donors unit and they get a tag in TeamSpeak.
Everyone that plays on the NAK Squad servers should thank the NAK Donors.