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Extended – NAK Zeus Special Event #11

The Event has been extended up to the 16th of Aug, mid-night. This extension is made to give the chance to make another modded NAK Ops make sure to join this one if you missed the last one!

Starting from the 7th of August, the Zeus server will change to be a modded Zeus server for an event that will last approximately a week. During that week the following mods will be required to connect to the server.
(RHSAFRFRHSGREFRHSUSAF), as well as a map, Virolahti – Valtatie 7 (requires CUP Terrains – Core).

The mods mentioned above will be required to be able to join the Zeus server during this time ( Aug/7/2020 – Aug/14/2020 ) and depending on the usage and the attendance on the server, we will keep the server modded longer or revert back to a vanilla server before the week period ends.

Any players that wish to Zeus during the special event will also be required to load the mods mentioned above.

Make sure you are ready with the mods downloaded before the event starts if you wish to play with us from the start on the Zeus server!

To download all the required mods you can use our steam collection:

NAK Zeus Special Event #11

Any of our standard Approved mods will also be allowed during the special event.