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Radio Tower air support


When an AO spawns, it would be cool if there were a radio tower that periodcally calls in support in form of CAS or ground convoys. When it comes to the enemy CAS on here, i have yet to encounter  a CAS that actually goes after infantry. It would be cool if those supports would be more focused on friendly infantry, not just vehicles or air.

So like every 10 mins it would call additional support (if the previous support has been destroyed).

Once the radio tower is down, the enemy can not call in support.


To take this a step further, maybe combine it with the present enemy support that happens on AOs, so for example if the radio tower is taken out, then the AO will not spawn NEW enemies at all (this includes the paradrops etc.. and maybe lets even take it a step further and have it actually also determine the defend part of some AOs.

Maybe protect said radio towers also with some AA man pads around it to avoid having friendly air just take it out at the beginning. Also some mines around the tower and some bunkers protecting it.

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