Rules of server monetization

We NAK Squad follow the rules of monetization from Bohemian interactive (BI).
If the community and/or BI Feel that we breach any of these rules feel free to Inform us so that we can correct it.

We have been approved for monetization to help cover the cost of our platforms.

We currently accept funds to help cover cost from NAK Donors,  in return NAK Donors receive.

  • In-Game and TeamSpeak Donor Tags. The in-game Donor tag is displayed on uniforms and vehicles that support it. An example of the tag on the web site.
  • Donors also have the ability to create temporary TeamSpeak channels.
!IMPORTANT! At no point will NAK Donor receive any in-game money, experience, weapons, vehicles, or other items to give them an advantage over other players.
NAK Squad does have two other units, NAK Command and NAK Elite, both of these units are by invitation only and acceptance into these units is not based on any donation, transfer of funds, or exchange of goods.

Any changes to our monetization will be posted here.

Any questions regarding the monetization contact the NAK SQUAD

Bohemia Approval List