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Admin Rules

Code of Conduct

All members of NAK Command should be seen as a role model of character. Being an Admin or Warrant Officer (MP) is a privilege.  If an Admin or Warrant Officer (MP) displays qualities contradictory of the NAK Command Code of Conduct, it may result in termination of their position and/or complete removal from the NAK Servers.

A member of NAK Command is


Treat players and your fellow Admins with respect.


As an Admin you are a leader of the NAK Community. It is important that everyone feels that you are deserving of their respect and trust.


Do not turn a blind eye to those who break the rules. Treat everyone equally. If an Admin breaks a rule, please report it to a Chiefs of Staff. If a player breaks a rule enforce it.


Admins must follow the same rules as the players do. You are not “above” the rules that you enforce.


Admins are not to hand out punishments based on grudges. An offense against an Admin is no different than one against any other player.


Before you ban a player, make sure the information you have is accurate. If you are not sure who committed an offense do not ban anyone. You must be able to substantiate a ban, if it is appealed. You should not issue a ban on the request of another player without proof.


You will not modify, unban or delete, a ban that is not yours. If you have a concern about a ban, contact one of the Chiefs of Staff. You should not comment on a ban appeal unless it is your ban or you have information directly related to the ban.


Admins must follow the written guidelines on how to handle situations. All of the various server rules have punishment guidelines. If an Admin deviates from the guidelines justification needs to be provided.


Admins should promote the community with your actions and behavior. Players should look to Admins as examples of what is expected. Help new players, encourage cooperation, and strive to make NAK Squad an enjoyable place to play.


Suggestions for the future of NAK is encouraged, but making a changes to policies, procedures or services without approval is prohibited. If you have a suggestion, contact the Chief of Staff in charge of the related area, or bring it up in a scheduled Admin meeting.


Periodically an Admin may need to deal with hackers on the servers.  Unfortunately it is often very difficult to identify a hacker with the information we have available.  It is important the the current standards are applied when dealing with such situations.

Current Policy for Hackers

Do your best to identify the individual you believe is hacking and contact a Chiefs of Staff immediately.

If a Chiefs of Staff are not available and you are confident that you have identified the correct person, you may create a ban for up to 3 days.  The reason for the ban should indicate “Under review for hacking”.  Once this ban is created forward the information to a Chiefs of Staff in TeamSpeak or via a website private message for verification.