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Pilot Rules

Rules and Guidelines

The pilot role is an important one on NAK Squad servers.  There are a limited number of pilot roles on our servers and they are often in high demand. When you are in a pilot role you have a great influence on the server as a whole.  For these reasons, we require pilots to follow a few specific rules related to this ‘special’ role.  Some of the rules and guidelines posted here are reiterated from the standard NAK Server rules and are posted here for clarity.

Criteria needed to be a pilot on NAK Squad servers:
  1. Any player in a Vortex Pilot, UAV or ATC role as selected from the game server lobby must be on TeamSpeak. The pilot must be in the correct TeamSpeak channel for the server they are playing on.
  2. Pilots must have the same name on TeamSpeak and in-game. The exception to this rule is a rank before your name or a unit name after your name in square brackets is allowed. Examples: In-game name VileAce; acceptable TeamSpeak names. Lt. Colonel VileAce; VileAce [NAK Cmd]; Lt. Colonel VileAce [NAK Cmd]. Additional information appended to a name, such as call signs, is not allowed.
  3. Pilots must be able to communicate proficiently with other players and other pilots. It is required that a pilot responds to an admin when requested. (Microphones are not required, but a pilot must be able to communicate effectively and in a timely manner via typed messages if a microphone is not used.
  4. Pilots must possess the basic skills to take off, fly, and land. Repetitively losing aircraft due to inexperience may lead to the pilot being asked to cease flying for the time being.
  5. Pilots may not fight on the ground as infantry.  If a pilot is shot down they may defend their downed aircraft but may not move from a defensive location near (50 m) the downed aircraft. The downed pilot must call for immediate evac, and may wait a “reasonable” time for that evec. A reasonable amount of time would be travel time from the main terminal plus approximately 5 mins.  If the evac does not come within that time the pilot must respawn. This applies to all players including NAK Elite.
  6. Pilots must have read and understood the rules of our servers.
  7. If a player wants to be a Pilot they need to be in one of the designated pilot slots, unless they have been awarded NAK Elite.
Some behaviors are inappropriate when flying on the NAK Squad servers. These behaviors are all subject to rule enforcement as deemed appropriate by NAK Admins.
Examples of inappropriate flight behavior include but are not limited to:
  1. Repeated, frequent or habitual low-altitude, fixed-wing aircraft flights over an AO, base, airfield or spawn point that negatively affect the gameplay of ground players.
  2. Any kind of barrel roll or loop with a rotary-wing aircraft.
  3. Flying or hovering an aircraft over the infantry spawn or arsenal area. The area inside of the h-barriers at the infantry spawn is a no LZ area and any flight over the area should be extremely limited and avoided whenever possible.
  4. Intentionally crashing any kind of aircraft into the ground, objects, or enemies.
  5. Due to the noise produced, aircraft engines should be turned off at base unless preparing for immediate takeoff.
  6. Parking an aircraft on taxiways or next to service areas. When not in use, aircraft should be returned to their spawn point or to the rewards area.
  7. All departures and landings of fixed-wing aircraft will be done from a designated runway unless an emergency situation.
  8. No excessive or unnecessary uninterrupted rocket use.  Firing consecutive excessive amounts of rockets has a negative effect on server performance.  Limit the number of consecutive rounds to what is needed to eliminate the target.  It is rarely, if ever, necessary to fire more than 20 rockets at a target.