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Server Rules

NOTE: The level of punishment is at the discretion of the admin, and will be based on the severity of the action. If you break multiple rules your punishment may run consecutively. If you feel a rule is unfair or unclear please contact a Chiefs of Staff. Punishment enforced one server will carry over to all NAK servers. Continued violation of any rules may be met with a permanent ban.

Additional guidelines
Respect all admins and community members.

The admin has the responsibility for the server. If you have any problems with other members of the community, contact an admin.

This page does not cover all the server rules, only the basic ones. If an admin finds any unfitting behavior he will moderate the situation accordingly.  NAK Squad reserves the right to refuse access/service to anyone, at any time, for any reason.

The owner of the account is responsible for all actions taken on the account. There is no way for NAK Squad to identify the individual behind an account, therefore a ban will not be lifted because someone else was using your account.

If there is no admin online please do not take actions into your own hands. You can contact an administrator at a later date (the sooner the better) or you may file a complaint using our misconduct report forum. We will listen to both sides and take the appropriate action.

The rules listed apply to all NAK Squad servers unless specifically stated.

RULE #1) No racism.

1st Offense: Permanent ban.

Any racism will be met with an immediate permanent ban.

RULE #2) No impersonating an admin.

1st Offense: Permanent ban.

Impersonating on admin involves but is not limited to: Telling people you are a server admin, copying an admin name, making fake NAK Command tags, or threatening to ban or kick. Telling a player what will happen if they do not comply is impersonating an admin for example, “If you do not do X you will be Y” or “If you do not join TeamSpeak you will be kicked”.

RULE #3) No intentional team killing. (GAME SERVERS ONLY)

1st Offense: 1-day ban

2nd Offense: 7-day ban.

3rd Offense: Permanent ban.

Intentional Team Killing is the act of killing any friendly player with the intent to do so. Intent is decided by the admin issuing the ban based on their investigation and review of all relevant information and evidence. Failing to take commonly recognized steps to prevent team killing, such as checking your map or verifying a target outside of thermals, can be considered intentional team killing. Do not retaliate against players who team kill (TK), report them to an admin. Simply type “Admin “player name” TK” in the game chat, there is often an admin monitoring the servers. Retaliating against players who team kill is also intentional team killing. Most servers have an automatic TK punishment script.

RULE #4) No griefing or harassment.

1st Offense: 1-day ban

2nd Offense: 7-day ban.

3rd Offense: Permanent ban.

Griefing or Harassment is viewed as the act of intentionally irritating and angering users through the use of language, forcing team kills, hampering or interfering with other users use of a server, or being a general annoyance to the server and more.

RULE #5) No firing at the base. (GAME SERVERS ONLY)

1st Offense: Written warning.

2nd Offense: Kick from the server.

3rd Offense: 1-day ban.

Firing at base consists of intentional, discharging your weapon at the base or firing into the base from outside.

NOTE: An accidental single discharge from small arms does not count for a first offense.

RULE #6) No wasting server assets.(GAME SERVERS ONLY)

1st Offense: Written warning or Kick from the server, based on severity.

2nd Offense: 1-day ban.

3rd Offense: 3-day ban.

Wasting server assets is the act of destroying or crashing vehicles due to a preventable circumstance, repeatedly crashing due to lack of knowledge on how to operate a vehicle, messing around with other players, ramming other vehicles and using vehicles as taxis in base.

NOTE: NAK Servers are high population and are not suitable for learning how to pilot, please do this in the editor and come fly with us when you are confident in your ability to help support the mission.

RULE #7) No using voice in restricted channels, no spamming, no broadcasting of music & no use of any voice modulators or voice changers.

1st Offense: Written warning.

2nd Offense: Kick from the server.

3rd Offense: 3-day ban.

The use of voice chat in game Side Chat, Command Chat, and Global Chat is not permitted by anyone OTHER than admins. Excessive messages, unwanted pokes, and channel hopping are all examples spamming.

RULE #8) Names used in TeamSpeak must match your in-game profile name.

1st Offense: Written warning.

2nd Offense: Kick from the server.

3rd Offense: 1-day ban.

Make sure that your TeamSpeak nickname matches your in-game name to prevent accidental kicks, and to ensure that you earn appropriate ranks for your hours played. The exception to this rule is a rank before your name or a unit name after your name in square brackets.  Examples: In-game name VileAce; acceptable TeamSpeak names. Lt. Colonel VileAce; VileAce [NAK Cmd]; Lt. Colonel VileAce [NAK Cmd].  Additional information appended to a name, such as call signs, is not allowed.

RULE #9) No playing as infantry while in the pilot slot. (GAME SERVERS ONLY)

1st Offense: Written warning.

2nd Offense: Kick from the server.

3rd Offense: 3-day ban.

There are a limited number of pilot positions. It is expected that individuals in any of those roles (Vortex Pilot and UAV) to be in the air. Pilots can not fight on the ground. Pilots that are shot down should respawn to and return to piloting.

RULE #10) No arguing with the administration.

1st Offense: 1-day ban.

Do not argue with an admin. If you or a friend has been kicked or banned, and you feel it was unwarranted, there are ways you can appeal the ban and/or report the admin. These methods were detailed in the “Complaints” section at the bottom of this page. Abuse reports are reviewed by the Chiefs’ of Staff and are taken seriously. If you would like to speak to one of the Chief of Staff, join TeamSpeak and we will be happy to speak with you, but very rarely will we reverse the ruling of another admin without an appeal being placed.

RULE #11) No pilots, UAV operator, or ATC may play without being on the NAK Squad TeamSpeak server (excluding NAK Elite). No pilot may be AFK. No players in the “Pilots” channel may mute all communication, which includes being “away” in TeamSpeak.

1st Offense: Written warning.

2nd Offense: Kick from the server.

3rd Offense: 1-hour ban.

There are a limited number of Pilot roles on our servers. We require that if you are in one of these roles, that you are logged into the NAK Squad TeamSpeak server ( You must be in the Pilots channel for the server you are on and your in-game name and TeamSpeak nickname must match. It is also required that any pilot in one of these roles, not be AFK (away from keyboard), you must be able to respond when requested to do so by a NAK Admin. NAK Elite are not required to be in TeamSpeak if they are using their NAK Elite tag or add [NAK Elite] after their profile name.

RULE #12) No users under 16 years of age.

1st Offense: Kick from the server.

2nd Offense: Banned until 16 years old.

We are a mature gaming community and the content of our games and our social interactions may not be suitable for younger age groups. For that reason, we have a minimum age requirement for members of our community, which is 16. As we have no way of confirming an individual’s age, if an Admin believes that you are underage you may be asked to leave the server. Beyond this, it is a parents responsibility to police their children. If for whatever reason they enter into our community unnoticed, we hold no responsibility for their safety or well-being.

RULE #13) No verbal abuse.

First offense: Kick from the server or 1-day ban, based on severity.

Second Offense: 3-day ban.

Third Offense: Permanent ban.

Harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, slanderous, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language or cursing directed at a player is not allowed and may lead to an immediate ban. If you are having issues with another player while in-game, send a message which includes the word ‘Admin’ using the in-game chat. If an Admin is online we will be happy to help you. If there is no admin online you may file a misconduct report which will be reviewed and the appropriate action taken.

RULE #14) No use of language or profile names that are lewd, obscene, vulgar, discriminatory (on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.), illegal, hate speech, promoting violence, drug use or any illegal activity, promoting crimes against humanity, genocide or torture, or is otherwise objectionable. Whether something is considered “objectionable” is up to NAK Squad Command (the Admins).

First Offense: Kick from the server.

Second Offense: 1-day ban.

Third Offense: 7-day ban.

Fourth Offense: Permanent ban

Please be cognizant of your communication. This is a public server. We understand that we play an age-restricted game, but we choose not to have this type of language in our community. This rule applies to all methods of communication, including but not limited to, in-game chat, voice chat (in-game or TeamSpeak), user names, forum posts, and/or comments.

RULE #15) No recruiting.

First Offense: Based on severity, up to a permanent ban.

Recruiting is not allowed on the server. Using any NAK resources including, but not limited to, game servers, TeamSpeak or website, to recruit or entice players away from NAK resources is not allowed. Recruiting includes but is not limited to, advertising other communities, games, publishing links to other sites or servers, or poaching players to private games. Mass sending of friend requests via Steam, to players on the server, is not allowed.

RULE #16) No posting of inappropriate or harmful links or content

1st Offense for harmful links: Permanent ban.

1st Offense: 1-day ban.

2nd Offense: 3-day ban.

Third Offense: Permanent ban.

If a link is believed to be harmful including, but are not limited to, malicious code, scam websites, malware, virus, adware or phishing websites you may be banned permanently. Inappropriate sites or content include, but are not limited to, those that are obscene, pornographic, contain nudity, contain hate speech, violence, drug-related, illegal activity or extremist groups. Links that promote, advertise or endorse other gaming communities are also inappropriate.  Only file transfers approved by an admin are allowed. Any unauthorized files will be deleted. Whether something is considered “harmful” is up to NAK Squad Command (the Admins).

RULE #17) No recording or streaming of TeamSpeak.

First offense: Kick from server.

Second offense: 3-day ban.

Third offense: Permanent ban.

NAK Squad has decided not to allow the recording of any TeamSpeak communications. Federal and State laws of the United States prohibit the unauthorized, non-consensual interception or recording of “wire, oral, or electronic communications”. TeamSpeak is a communication program and therefore falls under these laws. NAK Command decided, to avoid any risks, that prohibiting the recording or streaming of TeamSpeak was the prudent decision.   You are free to record and stream all in-game only communication.  For more information about Streaming see our Streaming Rules and Guidelines.

RULE #18) No Cheating or Unapproved Mods.

First Offense: Based on severity, up to a permanent ban.

Cheating, in this case, is defined as doing anything that gives you an unfair advantage, including but not limited to, hacking, injecting, aimbots or trigger bots, intentional desync, unapproved mods or taking advantage of exploits or bugs. If you find a way to ‘cheat’ do not take advantage of it and report it to an admin. As for mods, NAK has a list of mods that are allowed on the server, you can find that list at Using any mod, not on that list is considered a violation of this rule. If you receive a script restriction when connecting to the server, you are very likely using an unapproved mod.

If you feel you were wrongly warned, kicked or banned, do not argue with the Admin. Arguing with an admin can result in a 24-hour ban. If you or a friend wish to dispute an action taken by an admin you have multiple options. First, in our forums, you will find Misconduct Reports and Ban Appeals topics. Both topics have a template that you should use to help resolve the issue as quickly as possible.  If you need help filing a ban appeal or misconduct report you may join TeamSpeak and an admin will be happy to help you. The next option if you feel you were wrongly warned, kicked or banned is to speak to an Admin on the TeamSpeak server.  Once you join the TeamSpeak server you may enter a help room. All admins online will receive a message that you are requesting assistance.  Some issues may not be able to be resolved immediately and the Admin may require that you submit a Ban Appeal. The final option is to send an email to, but this is very likely to prolong a resolution to your appeal.