Search and Rescue

Enemy forces have entered [CITY] and are holding hostages. Eliminate the enemy with minimal damage to the city and its civilians. Evacuate hostages and avoid destroying churches and important landmarks.


+5 xp per hostage saved

-5 xp per building destroyed

-10 xp per church destroyed

+1 xp per enemy KIA


This mission would work well in almost any small city. There are hundreds of churches in Altis and plenty of small towns that don’t see much action in the current mission rota. Missions should involve more than just blowing stuff up, and should have some element of tact involved. Penalties for destroying buildings is a great way to get ground game involved and prevent CAS from cleaning up AOs too quickly. You could code this by simply placing civilians inside most buildings and incurring a penalty for killing them, similar to the TK mechanics.


I think this style of mission would be very popular, especially if players are suddenly forced to defend a small city from an enemy invasion.


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