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Stop The Bullshot


The cruel OpFor Capt. Bullshot has bivouacked his company overnight while passing through [Anytown]. It has become necessary to put a stop to the evil Captain’s shenanigans. He must be captured for interrogation, or taken out of the picture. 


This is primarily a street-fighting infantry gig, that would encourage teamwork. Battle your way, door-to-door, through the well-placed enemy defenses and find the Captain.  The town should be one in the flatlands to prevent the usual scramble-to-the-highgrounds-for-a-turkey-shoot scenario. This is one that has to be earned honestly.

Enemy Infantry would be placed in good defensive tactical positions, scattered thinly on the outskirts of the town, with the density (and difficulty) increasing as players get closer to the Primary Target.

I would scatter IFV’s and some armor on the outskirts of the town so the jet jockeys could get an early taste before the infantry gets into the town. Subsequently, enemy dog fighters could appear over the AO to keep them engaged. I would also place a few well-hidden IFV surprises inside the town to keep the infantry on their toes and give the AT boys something to do. 

Here’s a twist: scatter a dozen civilian figures throughout the town. If you accidentally kill one you are out for five minutes!

Defend could be as usual, with reinforcements coming in in various ways. Parachutists for the infantry in the town, and maybe a convoy of mechanized infantry inbound at the end, to give the flyboys a few satisfying last shots. 

  • Main Mission