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Mass Defense

I don’t know how possible it would be, but if we had more intense and large scale defensive missions that would be awesome. I was thinking at certain parts during the day in the server, everyone has to fall back to the Airfield and defend it against a massive mix of armored, airborne and infantry assaults. Or we could have more side missions where it is strictly defend certain objectives. Also, regarding the defense aspects we already have in the server, they can get a bit slow and boring, more variety and constant enemies would be great! That said your server is great, I just think this would make it even better. 

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Can’t think of a good name 😅


A merkava tank (slammer Up) as been disabled and the crew is trapped inside, the tank is being over run by enemy forces.

Set up

The tank will need to be have no fuel and the main gun will need to be disabled. The only thing the will be working on the tank is the commander 50cal. If enemy get up to the tank, they will set off an IED that will fail the mission and blow up the tank.