Submitted Mission Ideas

NAK Mission Ideas
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Capture a boss / Intelligence Research

-It might be interesting to secretly integrate an unarmed leader (so as not to have to shoot at the risk of dying) that would be hidden and protected by a private armed group (or not) to the main missions. capture it for evacuation using any allied vehicle. The interest of keeping the secret presence of this leader would be to make players want to go further than just mass CSAT,  And it could also give a more realistic dimension to the missions,to give extra interest, and perhaps also the feeling of taking part more effectively in the liberation of Altis / Malden. The capturing of the leader could end once the vehicle has left the area / area of the mission safe and sound, or simply once the prisoner has settled into an allied vehicle. He could also try to escape in a civilian vehicle (as soon as the CSATs are notified of the presence of the allies), to alert more easily the players, who could immobilize his vehicle before capturing it.


– It could be nice to hide information among some missions  (computer, pictures, folders …) . The capture of this information could lead to obtaining a “gift” as it is the case with each success obtained. The capture of the intelligence could be followed by an action to be loaded (thus waiting for the end of the loading) which would serve to simulate the transmission of the documents to the command.

The capture of the intelligence could as well lead to a sub-mission, which could be the capture of a leader.


[ Il pourrait être intéressant d’intégrer secrètement aux missions principale un chef non armé (afin de ne pas avoir a lui tirer dessus au risque qu’il meurt ) qui serait caché et protégé par un groupe armé privé( ou pas ),  il faudrait le capturer pour le faire évacuer à l’aide de n’importe quel véhicule allié. L’intérêt de garder la présence secrète de ce chef serait de donner envie aux joueurs d’aller plus loin que simplement exécuter en masse les CSAT. Et aussi cela pourrait donner une dimension plus réaliste  aux missions, de donner un interet supplementaire aux missions, et peut etre aussi le sentiment de prendre part plus efficacement à la liberation d’ Altis/Malden. La capture du chef pourrait se terminer une fois que le véhicule ai quitter le cercle/zone de la mission sain et sauf, ou simplement une fois le prisonnier installer dans un vehicule allié. Il pourrait aussi essayer de prendre la fuite à bord d’un vehicule civil ( dès que les CSAT seraient avertis de la présence des alliés), afin d’alerter plus facilement les joueurs, qui pourrait immobilisé son véhicule avant de le capturer.

-Il pourrait être sympas de cacher du renseignement parmis certaines missions ( computer, pictures, folders … ). La capture de ce renseignement pourrait aboutir à l’obtention d’un ” cadeau ” comme il est le cas à chaque succes obtenus. La capture du renseignement pourrait être suivi d’une action à charger ( donc attendre la fin du chargement ) qui servirait à simuler la transmission des documents au commandement

La capture des renseignements pourrait aussi bien mener à une sous-mission, qui pourrait être la capture d’un chef.]


Advanced anti air battery

Make it impossible for friendly air to even approach the AO until the AA is taken out. Once the AA is down (sub objective), only then can friendly Air come in safely. This Sub objective can be added to more than just 1 AO. The AAs can only be taken out from the ground.

Kill enemy commander

Have an non-destructable bunker with a high ranking officer inside that needs to be taken out. Players would have to go in to the bunker on foot to take him out. No way should be given to take him out from the outside, neither air, neither snipers, neither any form of anything thats not inside the bunker. Maybe add a few external positions to specifically protect said bunkers, like smaller bunkers around it and so on. These additional extras around the main bunker however can be destroyed either by CAS, or snipers, etc… you get the idea.