Submitted Mission Ideas

NAK Mission Ideas
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IED Clearing

You have to go through a town and sweep for and disarm IED`s without setting them off so families can start moving back into their villages while being engaged by enemies  ( such as what the British and United States where doing in Helmand province Afghanistan )

Search and Rescue

Enemy forces have entered [CITY] and are holding hostages. Eliminate the enemy with minimal damage to the city and its civilians. Evacuate hostages and avoid destroying churches and important landmarks.


+5 xp per hostage saved

-5 xp per building destroyed

-10 xp per church destroyed

+1 xp per enemy KIA


This mission would work well in almost any small city. There are hundreds of churches in Altis and plenty of small towns that don’t see much action in the current mission rota. Missions should involve more than just blowing stuff up, and should have some element of tact involved. Penalties for destroying buildings is a great way to get ground game involved and prevent CAS from cleaning up AOs too quickly. You could code this by simply placing civilians inside most buildings and incurring a penalty for killing them, similar to the TK mechanics.


I think this style of mission would be very popular, especially if players are suddenly forced to defend a small city from an enemy invasion.


NAKForce Server

Welcome to the NAKForce Server. NAKforce consists of three ten-person teams who are assigned the task, invade-and-annex, which takes place on the Malden or Tanoa maps.

Each team has ten specific roles,  coming with a pre-created and non-optional load-out to suit. Players come onto the server and sign in to an available role on one of the teams. Squad leaders for these teams must meet a minimal achievement level before taking on the leadership role. This might be determined by time-in-game, number of awards, achievements, etc.

Each NAKForce squad comes with a support group. There might be three Helis. One armed, for offense or defense, and two or three for transport. There is no HALO function. Teams will be inserted and reinforced by helis. Each team will have a fixed allotment of armor, which would also be transported in as needed.  As players are eliminated slots will open up on that team, and replacement units (if available – there might be a waiting area) would be transported in. Destroyed support units would re-spawn as usual.

Jet air support might be non-existent, or very limited (two perhaps), and would be called in by the teams for specific support purposes. There would be no free-ranging jets.

Play could be cyclic and time-based – say – one hour per cycle. At the end of the cycle teams would be assessed and awarded based upon accomplishments.

The limited nature of this scenario might see people waiting to grab a coveted spot and get into this team-based scenario. It might be interesting to be able to slip into different pre-configured roles and play with specific intent and load-out restrictions. Players might find favored specialties and become very adept at them.

Fantasy? Yes. A lot of work? yes. But I think this type of server might be feasible using already existing scripting and functions. It could be the kind of team play that many would enjoy, and a nice change-of-pace from the frenzied world of Altis. I could envision people waiting to get on.