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NAK Mission Ideas
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Can’t think of a good name 😅


A merkava tank (slammer Up) as been disabled and the crew is trapped inside, the tank is being over run by enemy forces.

Set up

The tank will need to be have no fuel and the main gun will need to be disabled. The only thing the will be working on the tank is the commander 50cal. If enemy get up to the tank, they will set off an IED that will fail the mission and blow up the tank. 

Search and rescue

I have not been in for a long time because my computer wanted to just die, and I just found out how the password reset works for the website (probably needs fixing, there is like 3 different email. Depending on what page your on) but this seems cool thinking of missions.

Mission   note this misson will need to be held at kavala docks where the office building is.

Having 2 to 5 prisoners of war (who are Nato) that you will need to rescue from a small terrorist group (having commen / bad equipment, like having AK47 and that), with having a low count of people with RPGs like 4 to 6. With having only 2 to 1 manpad. static 50cal (only the one that won’t be placed in a high area but a semi open area (inside the docks probly in a house window or something.) a 50cal truck patrolling the main road of kavala (only 1)

Small amount of civilians to stop CAS bombing the area. (also i think in the Laws of war dlc civilians will sometimes pick up weapons on the floor and start attacking Nato so that’s a +)

The hostages will be locked (not really locked) cargo container that will have IR strobe on top of it so UAV or whatever can help the ground troops. (multiple cargo containers will be needed for decoy)

When found they will be needed to be extracted by helicopter to uss freedom or the static battle shipe that I can’t think of the name. (if that’s in it, or if uss freedom is still there? Just RTB. 

I was thinking of trying to make it more fun for ground troops and heli CAS / the AC-130 blackfish.