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The Alamo – A mission with five segments


Successful defense of an area


This mission might be best played as a special event. It would consist of five chapters, or segments. Each of the segments represents a different location within a larger overall defense area, and the five chapters would theoretically be representing a single large attack that would be occurring at the same time in all five segments.

A group of players would spawn into a segment. They would have a limited amount of time to set up a defensive perimeter within a specified radius and defend it successfully from an enemy attack. Players can NOT re-spawn…..dead-is-dead…..for this particular segment. If the group is overwhelmed it is a loss.

The same players now re-spawn into segment number two, which takes place on a different area of the map, and they go again. 

Three out of five wins represents success for the mission. Unless there is a way to allow “dead” players to still view the action after they die, perhaps this style of play might not be possible, as the dead players would just be on hold somewhere waiting to spawn into the next segment.

I like the idea of having the threat of being taken out of the action for some period of time. Now, “death” takes on real meaning. You really are out of the game – if only for ten minutes. This type of mission also builds teamwork and reliance on fellow players.



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