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The Ant Nest


An enemy task force has infiltrated a friendly weapons development facility and placed several timed explosives to blow it. Their column is now racing to escape before it blows. Onboard one of the retreating vehicles is a briefcase with the code that will de-activate (or electronically de-fuse) the bombs. Friendlies must intercept the convoy and capture the briefcase before the bombs blow. 


The escaping convoy is a mix of IFV’s, maybe a tank or two – to slow their retreat (could be used as a timer of sorts), maybe a few pickups with mounted weapons, and most importantly, three truck loads of infantry.

Attacking forces cannot mindlessly destroy the infantry carriers, as the target briefcase is in one of them. All other vehicles are fair game. The scenario is triggered by the first friendly shots. When it happens, the convoy vehicles will scatter into defensive positions and the three truck loads of infantry will dismount and also move to defend. The friendlies must overcome the adversaries and reach the three undamaged trucks to find the target before the explosives go off at the weapons facility. Mission failure would be announced by a horrendous blast off in the distance. 

Variations would occur depending upon when and where the friendly attack begins.  The differing parts of the map the convoy would be passing through would determine what type of defensive cover enemies could take advantage of at the moment of the trigger, so a location should be chosen that allows the convoy to traverse a variety of terrain in a relatively short time. Not including slow-moving armor might allow for quick transitions through the map, making quick friendly action part of the strategy – ie. Where’s the best place to attack the convoy?

This scenario could entertain both ground and air forces, but both segments would have to be very precise when targeting, so as not to destroy the infantry carriers. The time limit set for the explosives to trigger obviously can be used to alter the urgency ind intensity of the mission. 

  • Side Mission