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Transport Based Rewards

I’ve been banging my head trying to come up with ways that would allow transport pilots to contribute a little more during low times. How about special things that get unlocked by transporting material to a drop off point?

For example, there could be a mission that requires you pick up and transport so many crates and bring them back to base. Upon doing so, a reward will spawn.

Another example could be base enhancements. For instance, a base defense system that can only be triggered after enough ammo has been brought from a supply depot to a drop point.

  • Side Mission
  • December 24, 2017

    This topic was covered in a forum post.  Admins did look into a way to provide transport rewards, but we could not come up with anything that would not hurt server performance and that would make sense for game play.

    We are about to make some changes to the Altis server, then once the same changes have been made to the other servers, we may re-address this issue.

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