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Upcoming server changes

The NAK Admins had a meeting on November 7th.  One of the things discussed was the upcoming changes to the server.  We released this information to Patreon members on the 14th of November, now we are releasing this information to everyone to ask your opinion on what you would like to see first. These changes if we decide to go forward with all of them would be released over a period of 3 months or so.

The list of changes include:

  • ATC Radar.
  • Achievements – Assign points for the completion of specific achievements.
  • Rework Repair – To fix bug issues – Unflip and Push will be updated at the same time.
  • Add points to Bobcats for mine cleanup/ add raise and lower plow (with sounds).
  • Points for Heavy Lift.
  • Draw Projectiles / Incoming Missiles.
  • AI healing – add the ability for recruited AI to heal team leader automatically
  • JTAC task system – Points for marking targets and share points when a pilot completes the task.
  • “Punishment” for failing side missions and submissions at the AO.  Punishment would not be applied to an individual but would be things like additional objectives and tasks.
  • Allow shooting at the base from vehicles when specific conditions are met.
  • New Side missions – Oil Rig, Bases at AO’s, Find the civilian spy.
  • APS (Active Protection System) on transport helicopters / maybe purchase for tanks.