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Zeus Special Event #15

Crazy year huh!? Well to top it off we have something very special in for you.
NAK Squad is proud to announce Zeus Special Event #15, which will be debuting in conjunction with NAK Ops Tactical

NAK Ops-Tactical is a step up a of NAK Ops during the Zeus Special event #15. NAK Ops-Tactical will implement more tactical approaches to the objectives, realistic and slow pace situations, and more structured coms (TFAR) to the ones NAK Ops usually have. Also a new addition to this will be the use of ACE system to stimulate a more tactical approach.

This time you are being deployed to the lovely Post-Soviet Republic of Chernarus. Just remember, it’s snowing heavily there at this time of the year. This Event will have a small list of approved mods and a small list of Optional Mods, and will start on the 27th of Dec 2020, and will last until the 10th of Jan 2021.

The player will have to load the following list:

The Player is free to load any or none of the mods from the following list:
anything else is not allowed.

The Zeus Operator has to load the Required Mods and allowed to his Zeus mods, anything else is not allowed:

Welcome to NAK Tac, uhhh, I mean NAK Ops Tactical.