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Zeus Save and Load Tutorial – Part 1

NAK Squad has recently unlocked the ability for a whitelisted Zeus to save a mission created while on the Zeus server. As a whitelisted Zeus you can now run the Development Tools>Copy Mission SQF and Development Tools>Execute Code Module. At this time the Execute Code Module may only be used to save Zeus created missions and when part 2 of the Zeus Save and Load Tutorial is released we will allow whitelisted Zeus the ability to create a mission in the Arma 3 Eden editor and export that mission so that it may be imported into the Zeus server with the Execute Code Module.

If you are a whitelisted Zeus and you would like to save and load missions that you created while on the Zeus server please take 10 minutes and watch our video.

To save a mission created while on the Zeus server:
Build your mission
Select Modules> Development Tools>Copy Mission SQF
Select the options needed to save your mission keeping in mind the information in the video.
Select the code generated
Copy the code
Save the code in a text editor.

To reload a saved mission:
Select Modules> Development Tools>Execute Code Module
Paste the code from your text editor
Make sure ‘Mode’ is set to ‘Local’ and click ‘OK’.

Be aware, the “Execute Code Module” module is very powerful for a Zeus with knowledge of scripting. With great power, there also comes responsibility. If we see any Zeus is using the module for anything other than loading saved missions, the Zeus will be banned and their whitelisting removed. If there is some other code that you would like to run, speak to Volcano or VileAce.

Please join us for part two of this video coming soon….